Hot smoked fish, without coal, bonfire and soot

As I salted:
Gutted fish must be rubbed with salt from the inside, place the fish in several levels in a pan or other container (after sprinkling salt on the bottom) for salting, sprinkle each level with a small amount of salt, put the fish in the refrigerator. After 3 days, swap the fish inside the pan. On day 6, rinse the fish in cold water, then soak it for 10 minutes, rinse again. Spread the fish on the newspaper for a couple of hours or hang it for 10 minutes in a ventilated place to remove moisture.
Remove the pallet, lay the foil on the bottom of the smoker, place the soaked chips on the bottom, put 2-3 mm more on the place where the smoker and the spiral of the chipboard come into contact. Place the fish on a wire rack, insert matches or slivers into the abdomen. Turn the stove on medium heat, put a smokehouse. After 10-15 minutes, as the wood chips begin to smolder, smoke a little. We wait another 40 minutes and your fish is ready.

Toner K.002
steel 1.5 mm
dimensions 450x280x170 mm
grate height:
lower 40 mm.
top 100 mm.


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