Homemade – flavoring for fishing with your own hands. Vaseline, fat and salt

Sooner or later, every fisherman thinks – what if you try to do it yourself? Be it tackle, bait, bait or even outboard motor …

As usual – they begin with a simple. Someone interferes with bait according to an old recipe, while someone cooks pasties “with a secret”. On the advice of an acquaintance of the CCM (may there be coolness with him! :)), I decided to try to transform the maggots of the store silicone by adding flavor to it. In other words – I decided to make a fragrance with my own hands, since constantly buying maggot and keeping it at home is not comme il faut, my wife will not understand. And here before each fishing – a hob and you're done!

How to make a flavor for fishing with your own hands

I’ll say right away – this is my first experience, all the ingredients are collected “from the head”, on the advice from Tyrnet and from the KMS (let the bezlev be with him! :)).

If there are any tips, corrections – write, we will discuss. But you don’t need to write – it’s better to buy, blah blah blah … But I don’t want to buy, I want to do it with my own hands!

Flavoring Ingredients:

Pharmaceutical Vaseline "Mink", you can any other cosmetic. A tablespoon of fish oil A teaspoon of plain salt

How is all this explosive mixture prepared? Yes, very easy! We mix everything and we fill a simple medical syringe.

Well, then – fishing. As I said – I personally just simply decided to try this attractant on silicone maggots that were bought on a beam for a penny.

I just didn’t like the smell of this maggot – the cheap Chinese smell of rubber … So I decided to fight it like that. If you have any of your methods – write.

By the way, this attractant can be used in the summer. Personally, I will definitely try to do this on peaceful fish. In the meantime, my plans are only roach.

P.S. Who tried to catch rubber maggots, how at all? Is there a result? It’s just that for the first time I’m sublimating in this question, so it’s interesting.

P.P.S. Yes, all the photos are not mine, so sofa analysts – go yank your 10 kilos pikes, make vibes with your own hands, etc. 🙂

Amanda K. Benson

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