Gulyukovo zero.

This year’s weekend activities overlap with fishing trips, thereby limiting the time frame for fishing, but vacation soon and I think that will change. This time the trip was to the area of ​​the village of Gulyukovo, although I don’t really like these places.

On two boats we decided to walk along the points where the guys were good at catching pike in early September. Surprisingly, there are already 5 boats at the point, since there is a place where you can squeeze in without interfering with each other.

I really wanted to test the new spinning rod Azura Kenshin New with a test of 2-12 grams, so I started with it with the expectation of a fat striped one. The first cast, a clear bite ran along the blank, past and then the second was more confident. The striped size is only worthy for a photo. “Caught on the first cast ?!” – Dinard declared a bad omen.

A dozen empty casts are forced to take a more powerful spinning rod in the hope of a toothy one, but apparently it has shifted to an unknown place. Egor’s evil bite, clutch creak and sad descent. We decided to stay a little longer, but there was no more contact with the fish.

We leave in search, observing life at the bottom in the echo sounder screen. There is absolutely nothing to catch on – I suggest that the guys stand where we fished about 4 years ago. The guys started biting right away. The beard fished with 20+ lures, but the pike was not shy about attacking them of such size. A little for three rubles at Eugene, a descent and a poltorashka at Egor, and we have silence with Dinar. Going through the lures, I came across LureMax Vishnu 120mm, considering that such a heavy and bright lure on the pull should seduce the pike. So it is, without a bite the pike and me.

We go further, there are a lot of boats, but it is not visible that someone is catching. Having found a small ball with a fish, we anchor. Experiments with lures, the barely perceptible touch of the silicone, and the first canine tooth just slightly larger than the length of the silicone.

Further searches and a change of place did not bring results, and at lunchtime we headed to the shore, because we still had to catch the recreation center, where we celebrated the Day of the Machine Builder with colleagues, but this, as they say, is a completely different story.

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