Great wobbler for pike in the summer. Topwater (Topwater)

Preparing for summer fishing for pike in overgrown ponds, I sort through my most interesting and proven lures. Relatively large wobblers with great deepening can still be removed, because the time for large lures in the autumn period when the pike begins to eat and the fishing object itself has already grown. And a large deepening will not be needed due to the large abundance of grass in the water, except for deep reservoirs and rivers. Wobblers are sent to the summer box only with a depth of 1 meter and mostly surface baits, walkers, poppers, and all kinds of frogs.

A very interesting and catchy bait can be called the summer universal octopus wobbler Bori 57F, a copy of the well-known original LC Malas bait that everyone is hearing. In my opinion, it is considered universal because it can be carried out as uniform wiring, while it deepens a little, up to about 30 centimeters and goes under the surface of the water attractively playing sideways. It can also be animated using volcano wiring, frequent short jerks of the rod and reeling in, and it begins to scour the sides leaving a loop behind.

This bait has modest dimensions, a small length of only 57 mm, a barrel-shaped shape and a weight of 10 grams, this compactness allows long-range casting of the bait in any weather conditions from calm to wind. Sometimes these casts need to be done in the depths of the reservoir, and sometimes you just need to make an accurate cast along the reeds where the pike is often ambushed, carrying out a wobbler in the field of vision, the predator does not stand up and goes on the attack.

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Most often I use volcano wiring so that the wobbler, dissecting the water, moves precisely along the surface of the surface. Of course, a small pike very often smears and looks spectacular when it tries to repeatedly attack the bait, but it is not rare that a medium and large pike swallows a wobbler very deeply. It all depends on the condition of the pike, whether it is active or passive, and the wiring speed. And the fact that the wobbler with his game like the pike is visible after several fishing trips.

This perch also likes a perch, but because of its fairly voluminous shape, it can be difficult for a striped to swallow a bait. Often I catch from a boat in places where there is a relatively shallow depth and a carpet of algae is present, it can be thrown into the water windows clean from vegetation and carried out by scouring the trap of a predator. I think the asp will also not refuse such a bait, if it sees the cauldron to drop the bait there.

In my box of summer lures this wobbler confidently takes the place of catchy lures, despite the fact that this is a copy it is very working and catches a predator. And if there is no difference in working qualities, painting, then I see no reason to overpay.