Great spring fishing

Somehow I missed the light jig very much, more often there were fishing for microjig, so I packed up and went to the pond, to catch a lake to catch the one who will be caught. The weather is excellent spring, although the sun is shining, but only occasionally leaving the clouds. In principle, for pike, more or less normal weather, light and a breeze in the back for comfortable fishing.

He began to catch with a passive bait in the form of the slug Satoshi 80, it shows itself very well when catching pike and perch. In front of me is a chalk on which you can stand at a low water level with a sharp edge up to 5 meters and beyond. I start from this place, the predator is always here because there is a peaceful fish spinning, and shepherds always guard it. For about 30 minutes I was idle, no bump or bite, only once I turned the peaceful fish that left me a present on the hook.

I decided to move to another place to change the trajectory of the wiring, the working point. Changed the bait, also from the passive category Shiku 70 blue. There also, for a very long time, there were no bites of predatory fish, only there are a lot of twigs and hurts of peaceful fish. But at the next bite, approximately at a depth of 5-6 meters, there is a blow, and the first small pike is caught.

I also looked at the watch immediately, it was 13.10, I try to remember on each pond when bites begin, so that in the future I will be guided by the time when it is better to come. The next pecked the perch, a small distribution started right, on almost every wiring he polished the fish.

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I continue to excitement, the fish is caught and everything is fine, and on the next posting I feel a stronger blow and it is immediately clear that this is a pike. Not bad, obviously for one and a half kg it was very accurately detected.

The point was very catchy, even the cancer was caught, which probably took the silicone bait of the crustacean as a female and did not want to give it away. But you can’t catch in one place for a long time and you need to move in search of active fish.

I return to the first place, I tried it on the crustacean but there were no bites from the word at all. I put the slug again on the very first posting, already at the beginning of the edge there was a powerful blow. Immediately weaken the friction clutch as much as possible so as not to give the fish a chance to get off, the Renzo 244 ML fishing rod works out jerks well and sings the friction clutch. Quietly, slowly, meter by meter, I brought the fish to the shore, I expected that there would be a large pike, but it was a wild carp, a very strong rival, although not a profile fish, and took it honestly into my mouth. This often happens in this pond, and I caught carp and carp here and from the shore and from the boat.

After this capture I didn’t catch for a long time and the nibble subsided, it was 15.25 on the watch, apparently it was today's time interval for fish to emerge, I’ll check it on the next fishing trip. This time I took the fish home, I really wanted fried carp and pike cutlets. Homes will be happy with dinner.

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