Grayling fishing in the summer + Video

Grayling fishing in the summer is very diverse, as diverse places and ways to catch on the expanses of Russia. The most simple and traditional can be called float fishing in the wiring, where the bait can be used conventional manure or earthworms. The small Siberian rivers is a larva of a beetle. And spruce bark beetle something for grayling differs from pine. And bites happen more on the one to the other depending on conditions, weather and, apparently, the mood of the grayling, like any other fish, sometimes very capricious and unpredictable. Fishing takes regular fishing rod with a blank snap-in and provides a short wiring from an upstream end to the bottom. Then a baited hook is returned to the upper position. It usually caught by the local residents, not philosophizing with tackle and bait, good fish in the Siberian rivers is still a lot.

More effective is float fishing type of Bologna, where with the help of the coil can change the casting distance, that is, there is an opportunity to find a fish path, which can be then underneath on the river Bush, at the riverbed or the pit edge, at a steep cliff.

But not only in Siberia caught grayling. In Leningrad region there is also a small river with a rapid current, where the usual rapid and beautiful fish. Here is also used float tackle in a simple variant, and often in the form of Bolognese fishing rods or even a light spinning where you use a massive floater, ogruzka of olives and a hook with a worm or a larva. Typically, these rivers are quite small. But there are pits in the shallows, deep areas of rivers formed rivers across fallen trees, which also likes to hold grayling. Bait is tossed upstream and floated down to the promising place where you can follow a bite. This fishing the chassis, as in one place you will not catch more than one or two fish, and you have to go further along the coast in search of such places. Not a mile happens to pass anglers on shore zasobniku and stones, to find his cherished fish Eldorado.

Grayling fishing in the summer on hot days sometimes the most successful with fly tackle, as in this period a lot of mayflies and other flies and insects falling from the bushes in the water. As bait often use the larvae of mayflies, which is simply called “bikers”. Also successfully used a variety of flies that mimic insects and flies. It is often on the fly, throwing fly fishing, caught the biggest grayling. Here also are fished outputs with Yam, deep space for shoals, crowded with fallen trees flowing parts of the river where the water goes round and round.

Craftsmen-fishermen tie the flies with their hands from a special thread floss, dubbing and other materials. These finely executed imitations of mayflies, flies, and larvae often look very natural, which is very important for careful grayling, especially as it lives in shallow rivers with clear water, where visibility is worse than in the glass of clean water.

Flies can be used not only in shallow streams. On the Yenisei used tackle, very similar to the normal bottom line. And all grayling fishing on this large, deep and wide the river bears little resemblance to traditional hunting for grayling in fast running rivers. Here the fishermen go out on boats in the known catchability place, stand on the anchor and unwound very strong and coarse tackle, which consists of spinning a heavy load on the end of a strong fishing line and leashes with flies, made with their own hands. When fishing do not have any transactions and movements tackle. Does everything for the angler a strong current. And it is not possible here to catch an active and fine tackle, as under the boat a lot of depth and along the sides of a rushing mass of water.

Sinker sinks to the bottom, and leashes with flies playing on the course. The bite is felt on the tip of the spinning rod as a sharp blow or potica. This fishing is reminiscent of the Volga Lesovoy or yazevoe fishing rods on-Board-donkey.

Of course, there are fans of grayling fishing on spinners. Usually used a small spoon lures, painted in various colors. On spoons also caught large grayling.

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