Golden Autumn 2020. Report

Greetings to fellow fishermen! Still ripe for writing a report on, perhaps, the most memorable Golden Autumn in all 11 years))

Thanks to the organizers

First of all, I would like to thank our dear Organizers of the Festival! Despite all the hassle and complete uncertainty, whether they will be banned or allowed, they courageously told the festival to be !! And they spent it at the most worthy level!

On the organization of the competitive part:

What I want to note in the organization of fishing competitions:

– video recording – she finally allowed to participate calmly, knowing that the fight would be fair and no one would brazenly climb on the pedestal on yesterday’s fish. It must remain mandatory for all participants in the future!

– to issue tags in the morning immediately before the start, this will exclude the possibility of fishing before the start

– nomination live catch. In my opinion, it must be left for the next festivals, it’s interesting, it’s nice to release a trophy, the problem of what to do with mountains of fish disappears after the first round. (This year there really was no such problem)))

On the organizational side, this year there are no even any remarks, only thanks, everything was done perfectly !!!!

Now for the fun part, short impressions of fishing and the competition part

A week before the festival, having looked at the water levels in the rivers of Altai, calculating that on Friday all this will come to Spirino, I predicted that it would be the Golden Pine, the most disastrous fishing festival in history. Many should remember my prediction that there will be 60 zeros at the weigh-in. It turned out even a little more))

In the case of simple fishing, I would never go there, but since I called myself a load, I have to perform no matter what)

High water, dirty as in May, drove the fish into coma.

All my pre-built plans, respectively, collapsed with a bang, and it was necessary to urgently build a new fishing concept from scratch. Even the places, which had relatively clear water and bites on Friday morning, turned into a clay slime by the evening. Due to some insurmountable circumstances, one day of training was not enough for us, and the found bay with clean water did not receive proper attention from us when fishing. Therefore, in the first round we flew by, in the second we had already gathered all our strength and became the first, but in total for both rounds we came out only sixth. Which, in principle, I think is not bad, they did not hit the face in the dirt. Well, let’s approach next year with all care.

And further. This is, perhaps, the first situation in all our competitions when the lack of a structured echo sounder with a side view became critical. On the river, this is also a useful thing, but by no means necessary; with a good ability to read the river and understand what is happening at the bottom, you can completely do without it. Well, then finding a fish is important, but it is even more important to be able to catch it. In the upper reaches of the reservoir, too, it is enough to focus on the relief in the down-scan. But in this shallow bay, with a dim bottom relief, in the down-scan I saw only all kinds of dandruff, and a short fishing trip confirmed this by catching an uncounted perch and the same pike perch. And the crew of the winners saw in the side view that they were present in small numbers, albeit on the verge, but still valid fish. And they made their first place.

Guys winners: Sanya and Anton, in my opinion, took their victory precisely with their careful approach, and the presence of a side view, studied the entire water area, realized that it was impossible to catch a fish in troubled water and scanned the only bay with light water in the most thorough way. And when we saw a valid fish there, we were able to catch it! Therefore, I congratulate them on a well-deserved and thoughtful result !!

The Altaians who took the silver approached the matter just as carefully. They also caught where there was no turbidity, and showed a stable result in both rounds.

3rd and 4th places, pike and burbot are, in my opinion, winning the lottery, they hit the active fish on the head. But, again, they did a lot for this, and skated and threw a lot, and they deserved this lottery.

Some of the places below received a stable result of two rounds, and by their own searches, some – with a catch in the second round, when half of the crews chased after the winners of the first round and caught there))

Traditional adventure 🙂

Not without some adventures. Unfortunately, in the heat of excitement, I didn’t think of filming this incident on video, it would be very funny. Since there is a nomination “Live Catch”, I prepared myself and bought an aquarium in Leroy – a box for toys made of transparent plastic, 120 liters, on wheels. With a lid. In view of the cool weather with the aerator, I decided not to bother, it will live in cold water anyway. I drew 90 liters with a bucket of water.

Looking at the perches and pike perch swimming in it was our entertainment for the whole tour) I just lacked the ingenuity to pull out the wheels. When we were going to the finish line, through a storm and a wave, out of the corner of my eye I notice that the water level in the pool has dropped significantly. I get up to look, and there just a stream of water flows into the cockpit and under the floor. I turn on the pump urgently)) Until they reached the shore, the pool was drained, the fish were jumping at the bottom. I was saddened, I wanted to bring such beauty to the finish line, and get the perches out of there. And I had to put them in a bucket of muddy river water, so muddy that even in a bucket you could not see anything. My livel cracked along the wheels, otherwise it would have stood flat on the bottom and was intact. The wheels were immediately thrown out, I will solder and glue the bottom, will wait for the next competition)

Briefly about the weather

The weather deserves a separate comment, a terrible wind, a wave from which you feel sick and afraid to bend the boat, rain, in general, the most extreme in one bottle, only the will to win could force the participants not to abandon everything and go for mushrooms, and get wet and freeze for hours without bites. And how we jumped on the waves when we rolled right up to Kirza)

Wishes for the future

This year, it was the only time when the festival could be held, because later they promise quarantine and so on again, so there are no questions.

The next year I have very big wishes, ideally it should be carried out either in the middle or at the end of September. Then a real golden autumn with golden foliage, low, clean, and, most importantly, cold water, and good fish bite, so that everyone can enjoy fishing. And it’s nice weather, warm and sunny Indian summer. The beginning of September is already the second year in a row a cyclone, wind, rain, and high turbid water

Thanks again to all the organizers as well as the participants for an honest and interesting fight, and a friendly festive atmosphere !!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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