Gloomy and gray, but fishing anyway

The second day off and not sit at home bored at the computer, of course you can at least go for a few hours to set on fire. It was all the more good because I caught it on the pike and the common carp flew into such a good one, and suddenly it pecks not only "Yesterday, tomorrow, and on the other side." Spinning arms and forward along the road along the grove.

At home, before fishing, I wrapped a fresh braid on a working reel, caught the Keitaro UL 0.08 mm budget cord all season, of course it is not UL, UL is # 0.3- # 0.4. But for spinning with a dough of up to 20 grams, it fits perfectly, thin and durable, does not sail and sensitivity is good during wiring. I patted her very much, very often caught in snags and torn through the edges, cut off a couple of tens of meters on the hooks, and fresh just in time for the new season. And the new FLYRIK SKYLINE FC 100% Ice PRO and thicker does not hurt to less on the brows.

Tackle assembly, the bait decided to use small, first 50 mm at 10 grams. By the way, Vodichki was a little puffed up during the night, maybe a fish will stay closer to the shore, I’ll check. He began to catch, namely to catch, since the fish immediately showed its activity. The small okush just ate the active perch first, then the kindergarten pike, the normal start.

The first point turned out to be very catchy today, a shallow plateau with an edge, and there were both perches and pikes, and several pieces, although they were all up to half a kilogram in weight, were nice to catch. They ate everything that you offer them, did not sort it out, even though it was a little strange.

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But you never have to stand in one place, in order to catch more you need to walk more to look, even though there are not many points. From the boat, of course, it’s much better to catch here, but soon there will be a spawning ban and this can’t be done, you can wait a couple of months and catch from the shore for now.

I went to another working point and caught the last pike for today. I’ve let go of all the fish today, there’s no need to take more than I myself will eat with my family, all the more small was. In the fishing itself, the fish behaved quite actively, did not touch the bait and ate almost everything that it offered. When I came home I looked at the weather forecast and understood why there was such activity of the fish, everything was just a change of weather, a change of wind direction. So fishing today was also great and successful.