Frost and sun is a wonderful day.

It is with a line of a poem by the great Russian poet and playwright that I want to start my story about our trip in search of the striped robber to the village of Sotsgora. A good frost of about -17 in the city and, according to the words of about -23 in the village, did not frighten us at all, and I did not want to miss the day off. The plans were to check the old points and catch new ones on the way, what if we accidentally stumble upon a fish ?!

Today I decided to devote more time to spinners, and at the same time continue my observations of Ecopro Shprot-s, which brought good results in the last fishing trip. Already not from words, but on ourselves, we felt the indicators of the morning frosty air. The exposed areas of the hands quickly froze, especially after contact with the drill.
We decided not to go into the crowd and succumbed to the temptation to check the ice hummocks, which are not often seen here.

Reports from reservoirs: Frost and sun is a wonderful day.

The perch began to peck almost immediately, but its size left much to be desired. There were fewer bites on the balancer, although Aleksey was fishing with him all day and our catch is about the same.
Spoons were used, and as one of them already said, Shprot-s from Ecopro. Small perch often hesitated before attacking. The removal of the bait by 10 centimeters to the upper layers, not always, but brought a positive result. But our goal was an edible perch, so we quickly ran through the holes further.

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Reports from reservoirs: Frost and sun is a wonderful day.

From time to time, out of two dozen perches, one canteen flew in. Hopefully, they drilled out the site, but on rare occasions they managed to catch a few more fish. After lunch, Akhat’s phone call rang out with the good news that he and Alexei had stumbled upon fat perch, but the bites were only on the roll. Fortunately, Dinar and I were not so far away, so we got ready to get ready quickly.

Reports from reservoirs: Frost and sun is a wonderful day.

We had a quick bite and began to drill out the area in search of striped ones. The passivity of the perch went off scale, because even he attacked the spoon reluctantly. To be honest, I soon picked up a rewinder and ran through the holes where there were entrances to the bait. Even not skillful hands managed to catch a fish. I noticed an interesting feature, at first there were perches on the hole a little more than a finger, and then the size gradually increased. Small perch pecked at all horizons, and the larger one only at the bottom.

Reports from reservoirs: Frost and sun is a wonderful day.Seeing how the guys were going, I decided that it was time for me to wrap up. He reeled off his fishing rods and, in a good mood, under the coming frost, went to the shore. I caught the fish on a good heat and set aside some trifles for the fish soup. That’s all, to all NCHNKh, with respect, Sergey Egoist!