Foxes fishing and around

The reason for writing this was the phrase: “I wonder if there are fishermen who went out, for example, a fox?”, And an endlessly long Friday. A trifle, it was not worth paying attention, but the waves of memory covered. + Today is Friday. I'll start.

I used to fish in the crowd. I liked communication with fishing people. Conversations, news, exchange of experience and all that. But, tired of it. He began to retire. The catches became larger, and the animals reached for the lone angler. Gained more than lost. Although, some meetings would not be better. But now about the good. About the foxes.

Foxes in Kamchatka are not prone to rabies epidemics. Quite nice and harmless creatures. Although, sometimes quite unfriendly faces. These are usually males. Winter, pre-spawning, severe and with conceit. Here's how to characterize this character?

But I deliberately dragged him shmat fat. For the sake of a photo shoot. Lured, by the way, the rustling of the package. Yesterday I treated him to fish and was without a camera.

Usually, foxes must be "hunted", studied habitats, looked for holes, spend hours and days. For the sake of a few frames.

They also often come across on the way to fishing, when there is no time to focus and take a worthwhile shot.

It happens that this little animal comes fishing in the summer or autumn, but it is rare. With one such, I even “made friends”. Met several times in the same place. I just didn’t wag my tail.

Some have to “run around”, abandoning fishing and venturing into the floodplain forest. Usually it doesn’t peck at these moments, but I want to do the logical conclusion of the “fishing”.

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In the last shot, this beast marks my mark. Infection.

Sometimes meetings with them are unexpected, because the places are crowded. For example, fishing camps, boat launch sites, etc.

Here the foxes are frisky and cutting. She came running, collected tribute and shast, back to nothingness.

But more often, they come to the holes at dusk and at the beginning of the night. And come both old and young. Hence the behavior. Some are shy, some are bossy. But they must come. They almost fish like their own. On the other hand, how to refuse such a milage? Sometimes they follow the returning fisherman almost to the house, like dogs. All I want to get a normal flash, but the fisherman wins in photo shops.