Foreplay on the "puddles". Part 1

Foreplay on the "puddles". Part 1The venerable anglers scornfully call puddles some confined reservoirs for their small size and depth. As a rule, these are shallow ponds or quarries. However, no, no, yes, you will hear how someone on the “puddle” pretty much chopped off. There were such cases with me. Especially memorable are the “puddles” of pike fishing at first light. I remember one thing when comrade began to persuade me to go for a pike to a nameless pond in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region, which on the map-kilometer looked like a tiny blue speck.
– From where on such a tiny pond will be measuring pike? – I said to him then. – Is that catch "pencils" …
However, comrade assured that he knows for sure that there is a pike there, and a large one.

We left early in order to set up the stubs even after dark, because during zhora the pike is actively manifesting itself already at dawn. Of course, they took into account the factor that later on the fishermen’s pond closest to the capital there would be too many good places and they wouldn’t get good places, and it’s necessary to set up the cracks along the coast, and better along the reed beds or other algae, which are usually kept at this time. . The truth was known to us: where the fry is, there is the pike. Zherlitsy placed zigzag along the channel of the stream flowing into the pond, and the rest – in the very shallow water along the strip of reed. The other two fishermen, who arrived almost at the same time with us, got the right side of the pond, and they also set up the tops at the shore. Those who came later than us had to catch not near the shore, and, looking ahead, I would say that they were all left without fish.

From 9 to 11 o'clock, however, 5 flag lifts had already taken place, as a result, three pikes with a mass per kilogram were taken, and one pulled as much as three kilos. For the "puddle" a good trophy. By the way, those two men who set up the crats along the coast also caught a pair of worthy pikes. After eleven it became too noisy on the ice. Perch pushers, moving in search of good luck from one “puddle” to another, began to hover back and forth, talking loudly, stomping on the ice, and the pike did not like it in the first light. She goes somewhere in a quiet corner and stops hunting. Therefore, we soon rolled up the gear and went home. But, you see, the result for such close Moscow fishing was quite good.

Another memorable pike fishing was on one of the Vorontsovskie ponds. At that time, we with my constant on the greenhouse for fishing Slava arrived on the reservoir without live stock harvested in advance, and had to spend time catching the local roach and perch. To do this, we cut a lane about 1×1 in size near the thickets of dry sedge. And the depth in this place was about a meter. This hole we were then fenced with sticks stuck into the ice and covered with a rope so that inadvertently anyone would not fail. And there were plenty of zhivtsy in the cane, but the time for a bite was missed, although the placed stumbling blocks were already waiting for work. And according to our calculations, we chose the site that was most suitable: extensive thickets of dry sedge and reed came very close to the flooded bed of the stream, on the other side of which there was a flat bottom of the shallow water free of algae. When the toes were charged, immediately began biting. Then the flag of the cravat will fly up, placed close to the wall of the sedge at a depth of only half a meter, then the mouth of the fortress, set on the edge of the flooded bed, will speak.

Most of all there were poklevok on zherlitsy, installed closer to the channel. According to my ideas, the larger pike hid in the shade of the edge and occasionally went out into the shallow waters, where they were fed by bevy of small perch and plotchik. She grabbed a gapeling fish or the bait of one of our toes. If this or that zhertlitsa was silent for a long time, we moved it to another place. Sometimes it is enough to move the toad literally a meter or two, and biting starts to occur on it. And the secret is simple: when the fry along the seaweed are many, the pike on the edge chooses some suitable point for it and makes an exit to watering along the shortest line, that is, perpendicular to the edge. This is if the strip of algae comes close to the brow. If the watering is extensive, the pike always follows the same route. It usually has the form of a closed loop. That is, the pike came out of its “lair”, tried on the spaces known to it, visited fry areas of concentration and went back to the “lair”. Just like a fox.

The route of her hunt can lie along the upper or lower edge of the edge with an exit to irrigation, and during irrigation it can run from the harness to the dummy, from the fossa to the fossa, where she hides while looking around for a while (it is clear that she doesn’t move her head; arranged so that the review is very extensive). Pike can also quietly close to the ground to swim along a long recess at the bottom or move, hiding behind some long elevation. Therefore, any irregularities on the bottom, crunches, small and sharp drops in depths may be suitable for the placement of zherlits. The peculiarity of catching for sticks in the first light is not in passive fishing, but in active fishing, when the angler constantly analyzes the correctness of the placement of stubs, and if one or other stubby girl did not work for an hour, he rearranges it to a new one, according to some assumptions, more promising. a place.

Of great importance is the right choice of live bait. Usually pike prefers the fish that prevails in a given body of water because it is used to it. In many ponds near Moscow, the finest Pikefish is the finest roach or perch. On the flow ponds, where the minnow is found, this fish can be an indispensable bait in the period of a bad bite. Where there is a ruff, pike takes it well. There are ponds, and not only in the Moscow region, where the crucian carp is active at the beginning of winter. Here pike prefers small crucian, popularly referred to as "penny". You also need to track the level of exposure of live bait. Usually, the pike can see well from afar and at the same time it reacts to live bait when it is raised above the ground level to a height of 40 cm. This applies to roach, perch, ruff, crucian, and gorchaka. Minnow should be placed closer to the ground, since its location there will be more natural.

author: Goryainov AG
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