For the fish perch

For the fish perchThe humpbacks on the Rybinsk Reservoir, fortunately, were not extinct. In this open water season, they have knocked down in numerous flocks and, more than ever, eagerly and with surprising constancy attack the spinning bait. Our constant author was able to verify this. The equipment for the expedition beyond the sea bass was preceded by a funny incident. Actually, he became the reason for the hasty organization of a special trip to the reservoir.

Cool places and map

Recently I was riding a minibus to work. Nearby, a middle-aged lady elegantly landed on a seat, pulled out a thick color newspaper – and let's flip through. Moreover, the lady was so widespread – exactly half the newspaper was on my lap. If you want not to look into these colorful stripes, it will not work. I even crept in the thought that this is an advertising action: the agents of the publication drive around Yaroslavl and thus acquaint people with their goods. They say that the Germans invested a lot of money in it, and they are practical people, they will not begin to scatter capital in vain. I find nothing interesting in the newspaper – and suddenly: "The coolest places in the Yaroslavl region." There is even a huge heading and a map, and water bodies and the fish that live in them are marked on it. The lady, apparently, out of the corner of her eye was watching me, because she immediately realized that this U-turn greatly interested me. She immediately presented me the newspaper and at the nearest stop she got out of the minibus.

I am carefully considering the map. Rybinsk Sea. A lot of all fish is noted, but there is no perch! But it was always most famous for humpbacks. Pikeperch, pike can be caught in other places no less successfully, and it is probably difficult to find such a large schooling perch elsewhere. For many years I was convinced of this in practice. I was cautious seriously: maybe something has changed lately? Did the map maker carelessly work? But what about German punctuality? I urgently call Rybinsk friends who go fishing almost every day in boats at sea.
“With a perch, today it’s even better than in previous years,” they reassured me. – Not every season such serious bast shoes are caught. The past, for example, was much worse in this regard. Come – we’ll hand over all the points.

A short training camp – and here we are on the reservoir Yaroslavl brigade in two boats. The fishermen arrived a couple of days before us, they camp on the shore. Boats on the water! The aluminum Ob quickly flew off the trailer and was ready for fishing. With the inflatable Nordic I had to tinker longer. We collect spinning rods. On the Volga, we most often catch humpback rods with rods with an upper gram test up to 35 g. The bait is a 21–28 g castmaster and in front of it is a leash with the largest hook. The twister is planted on it, its size is a variable value. It depends on what small thing the striped feeds on. We are preparing the same gear for the upcoming fishing. Rybinsk people are skeptical and give their recommendations:
– Take the rods more powerful, with a test of grams up to 70, and instead of the masters put “balls” of 40-50 grams. The cord is thicker and the twisters are larger.
Honestly, at first we reacted with disbelief to these instructions. It seems that the days of rough gear have passed, and now they come to the catfish with much more delicate gear. Record perch can be caught, say, by two kilograms. So what? No problem. About what gears and lures worked better for Rybinsk humpback, a little later. And now we had to get to the cherished secret places.

Cut the waves

We go wake system to the nearest point. Three kilometers have passed, we anchor. We hammer the declassified coordinates into the navigators. Depth 10 m. But there is no perch here – not a single bite. We pass 7 km to the next perch place. Depth 9 m. Rybintsy snatched a pair of striped, we have zero. Ghonim to the next point – 15 km. A little pinch of the good robbers – and all, complete silence. About 700 meters, the seagull became agitated. Despite the large waves, the perch came to the surface, and the birds did not miss it. They are chasing a perch flock, trying to be ahead of the curve – to grab a tyulka before humpbacks do it. The seagulls show in which direction the perch drives a trifle.

Swam to the boiler. Powerful bites went straight away. The perch is large, although there was a fear that only shallow would come to the surface, and the humpbacks would remain at a depth. Rybinsk people say that this often happens. Humpbacks grab our castmaster and twister from the surface of the water. Under the weight of a pair of perches, my rod with dough up to 28 g bends into a ring. Obviously more powerful spinning is required. You realize this especially clearly when you lift the perch into the boat with the rod. I try another spinning, with a test up to 56 g. But it does not amortize the jerks of perches badly and often tears their lips. You need something in between these two spinning rods. I’ll prepare for the next fishing trip. The boiler abruptly "cooled down." There are no bites. We try to lower the bait to the bottom – silence. The fishermen sped off to another point. My Yaroslavl colleagues on their boat began to comb the borders of a boiling boiler recently. My plan is ripe.

During the movement of the seagull, and, consequently, of the perch, I tried to spot the place from which everything actually started. It seemed to me that it remained three hundred meters away. They sailed there and began to explore the bottom with an echo sounder – a plain of 10 m. But a sharp rise of 7.5 m. We anchor, let the baits fall from the hill into the depths. The perches immediately sat on all the hooks of our two spinning rods. Hooks began, lost several castmaster. That's when the fish balls were appreciated. They quickly sank to the bottom, and unlike the masters, this moment was clearly fixed, despite the big wave. Tackle with the ball worked clearly. If you need to catch a lot of perch, then it is, perhaps, beyond competition. However, this task was no longer before us. We wanted to catch a little, but as large humpbacks as possible. Meanwhile, now the fishermen and the second Yaroslavl boat pulled themselves to the point we found. I'm changing my gear: I put a cheburashka with a large offset hook and a powerful twister. Bites became noticeably less. First, a good perch was caught per kilogram, and then less than 200 g.

Only humpback

Rybins need the same thing as me: only the largest perch. Guys jerkily catch on wobblers such as rattlins weighing 35 g. Poklevok is much less than on twisters, but perches are very good. There are no such lures in my arsenal. The weight of Rapal's Rattlin is only 22 g – I almost do not feel what is happening with this wobbler. We have to take a spinning rod with a very sensitive tip and dough up to 17.5 g. Cord 0.12. Now everything is clearly fixed. Here the rattlin lay to the bottom, then swam, trembling finely. First, a good perch became interested in them on uniform wiring, and then – in a pause after a long sweeping jerk.

Early the next morning, we sailed to our point. Perch from the bottom pecked like a machine gun. A friend rang a cellphone. I hear, tells about fishing: "We catch perch as much as we want." I critically notice my partner: “Such statements cannot be made. We’ll come to the reservoir tomorrow and will not see a single bite because of your boast. ” In the evening we went around all the points. With each removed only a pair of perches. There is no bite. They were about to swim to the camp, but slowed down at the point we had checked an hour earlier. Almost by accident, they found a perch 200 meters away. Perch 40 minutes eagerly grabbed all the bait. Then he began to pinpoint less and less, more went idle bites. By the way, it was like this every time before the striped completely ceased to notice our bait.

What is a nosar?

Upon returning home, I again began to examine the map in the newspaper, which the lady left in the minibus for me. Yes, in vain worried about Rybinsk humpbacks. And the map is generally ridiculous. On it, in many reservoirs, an unknown fish is found. Presumably, the mowers of the mower called so. Apparently, "m. Rozhkovsky "means Cape Rozhnovsky, and" lake. Iskrobel ”- Lake Iskrobolskoye. And for the Volga mother became very disappointed. Judging by the map, only sabrefish, zander and crucian carp live in it. On the other hand, if this map didn’t catch my eye, most likely, the expedition behind the sea bass would not have taken place together with the fishermen and this story would not have happened.

author Ivan ANDRIANOV


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