For the big pike

Traditionally, the company of comrades chose a distant taiga lake on the last ice.

The plan was to fly in two groups, but the "Muscovites" and "Thais" were quarantined, so the 12 most persistent and trusted fishermen were blown into the autonomous area for 5 days (April 18-22).

We left Novosibirsk at +11 and returned at +28; on the lake, they started at +5, finished at +18. This has not happened before. Ob on the day of flight was such and on the day of arrival is already like that. Boats snooping in full swing, water went to water meadows. The swamps also changed in five days, almost everywhere water-water-water.

The lake met a kind of reliable ice, the flight mechanic vigorously jumped without thinking – and into the squelch right down to his knees. An unpleasant surprise.

We flew on ice blue and smooth asphalt, and as a result we got 20 cm of water on ice, which was insidiously covered from above, sort of like infusion. But he kept only in places. In terms of movement, everyone was so "full" that on the first day they were wet as mice.

Then they got used to it and walked slowly, trying to move paths in the water. The northern coast helped out in one place, where the bells were apparently blown out in winter and there was little snow.

There, mainly nickels were drilled there.

Three hundred meters from the shore again water, it is better not to meddle …

Finding fish did not take much time, I took the perch as you want: a balancer, spinners with a chain, mormyshki. Specially weighed by sensitive scales: small 280 g, large 390-450 gr. Tight with live bait, sugar in 100 grams got 1:20, I had to put large ones. Spartak (Ivan) scored three times already for fishing: on the first day he put the hook of the balancer in the thumb, he himself tore out, burn …; then he caught a large perch – an albino,

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almost trout color; For a long time he could not catch a pike, he said that it was most likely toothless. When I caught

the first thing I called a dentist …

For two days the wind was decent without interruptions, the nibble of the perch is the same. The wind died down on the third day and the perch began to act up, I had to tinker. Hunter (Kostya) calculated that the sweetest thing at such a time – a gold or bronze ant on a fishing line 0.1 – without replanting and continuously. About complementary foods. There are different opinions, but we kept the tactics that the perch should be kept in its clearing, sometimes giving a pinch of another mormysh. The Wise Copter managed to grab it on the last day before departure, right from the Kuibyshev bus. When processed perches, then often they were full of our mormysh, the tactics were correct.

The pike, as it should be, was the way out.

But not in time, but rather in weather. Either in the morning, the glade blooms with flags, then at bedtime they bed, then in the evening and away from the coast.

It was not possible to take the biggest pikes this year, the best places were flooded with water and ice there was only 15 cm and in the cracks, it was dangerous and scary. But the colleagues came off the shore in snags: the Wise Copter (Vova) lifted as many as 4 pieces (1.0 – 1.8) onto a spoon and Mormyshka, the Merciful (Sanya, he also visited the Birthday Boy and US Marshal) as much. And one hole gave them two in turn 4 (!!!) pikes.

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The secret was revealed later – at the bottom lay a healthy snag, behind which the pike hid in an ambush.

He received his first baptism of fire Polyarnik (Andrey), who was patronized by Chef (Sergey). At the first perches, a battle cry flew over the lake: “First! This is my first !!! Second! Third…"

They, too, could find pike paths with their shop-mounted trinkets-vents. I remembered the Doctor (Yura) on the first day, who transferred his luck to the hole with a huge snag and constantly shouted: “Bagra !!! Drag the hooks !!! ” The people, looking at his attempts, already sniffed in white envy, thinking that there was a mother))) They took in the classics, having drilled next to them, a standard sublimate … The Health Minister (Oleg) turned out to be the most cunning on the pike – he watched Boss (M717) for two days , The Director (Gena) and Experienced (Oleg) drilled glades, often going quite far, then took aim, walked about 70 meters from the camp and stuck just 5 zergelniks right in front of the common minefields. A day later calmly took off two mothers and sat down again to throw up the baubles, grinning at his white mustache.

Each of us eventually caught from 3 to 7 pikes, not a lot. The pike is flat, from 2.5 to 5.0 kg, shustrogay from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. Each took as much as they wanted, letting out the rest.

About other animals: this year a lot (really a lot!) Of a goose,

and, frightened, who flew in flocks of 3-9 pieces low; four times swans flew almost over their heads; saw capercaillie and many black grouse, one of which was caught by chance

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(confused in rosemary). On the day of arrival, three moose were seen twice, the first immediately after the Kolpashev ring, the others behind Parabel.

The life turned out perfectly, even hot search too much: borsch, fish soup, Uzbek pilaf, Tom Yam, etc.

We decided next time to go to the runners. Mistakenly took as many as 48 mineral water (4 puffs in pet 0.5 each) instead of 24. After 2 days, the water ran out, either the heat affected, or disinfection also required a mineral water …

We met Easter, the Boss defeated in the balls. Alpine double-walled tents

there were three this time, they didn’t take mobibu, there were no draft in it and there was no bottom, people complained. Stoves as usual Kerona on a chic lighting kerosene (thanks to a friend Vitaly, always helps). Everyone liked the new stove in the form of a 2.8 kW fireplace with a removable fuel tank, practical, convenient and safe.

In the evenings nostalgic for the great land,

sad songs howled: either about tankers, then about a protective tunic, then suddenly about a Boston waltz … Yes, I almost forgot: I didn’t (I almost wrote “didn’t protect myself”) at all: they didn’t observe the social distance, they shook hands without gloves, they made each other hug each other – well in the taiga!

The last ice of 2021 is already waiting for us …