For porcini mushrooms A lot of porcini mushrooms!

For porcini mushrooms A lot of porcini mushrooms! It’s summer time for mushrooms and berries! In the early morning one of the summer days I went for porcini mushrooms. Reached the first mushroom places I found a cep. Moving through the mushroom places, I found many more ceps. Mushroom picking in summer, especially white mushrooms is very interesting! Walking along the forest path, I found several more boletus. Silent hunting was a success that day. When I got to other mushroom places, I started picking porcini mushrooms. In our region, mushrooms have already gone en masse, especially porcini mushrooms. This was favored by warm weather and a lot of moisture. I will show you where porcini mushrooms and mushroom places grow. In Kuzmich on the far cordon there are a lot of mushrooms!


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