For mushrooms Where to pick mushrooms

For mushrooms. Where to pick mushrooms. One of the spring days I went to the forest for mushrooms. The weather was the most mushroom, it was raining lightly. This time I decided to go to mushroom places for butter. In these places, porcini mushrooms, Polish, boletus and boletus mushrooms are also found. Having reached the mushroom place, I went into a young pine planting and began to look for mushrooms. A little passed, I immediately found an oil. Mushroom picking in the spring in the forest is very interesting. In the process of mushroom hunting, I will tell you where to collect mushrooms in the forest in the spring, I will show mushroom places. This season there will be a lot of mushrooms. Checking another mushroom place I was lucky, an unexpected find was waiting for me! I found a white mushroom! In such places, it is rare and then in the fall. There was a little rain and this greatly enhances the smell of the forest. In the forest there was a wonderful aroma of lily of the valley and other trees and bushes! I will show you how to look for mushrooms in such places, you will see where the mushrooms grow. This time the mushroom hunt was a success! I collected a lot of mushrooms, especially butter, and also found several Polish mushrooms and porcini


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