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For mushrooms. Where to pick mushrooms. One of the spring days I went to the forest for mushrooms. The weather was the most mushroom, it was raining lightly. This time I decided to go to mushroom places for butter. In these places, porcini mushrooms, Polish, boletus and boletus mushrooms are also found. Having reached the mushroom place, I went into a young pine planting and began to look for mushrooms. A little passed, I immediately found an oil. Mushroom picking in the spring in the forest is very interesting. In the process of mushroom hunting, I will tell you where to collect mushrooms in the forest in the spring, I will show mushroom places. This season there will be a lot of mushrooms. Checking another mushroom place I was lucky, an unexpected find was waiting for me! I found a white mushroom! In such places, it is rare and then in the fall. There was a little rain and this greatly enhances the smell of the forest. In the forest there was a wonderful aroma of lily of the valley and other trees and bushes! I will show you how to look for mushrooms in such places, you will see where the mushrooms grow. This time the mushroom hunt was a success! I collected a lot of mushrooms, especially butter, and also found several Polish mushrooms and porcini


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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