For mushrooms. The first spring mushrooms.

For mushrooms. The first spring mushrooms. Spring is the opening of the mushroom season of mushrooms. In late spring, I went for mushrooms. The first spring mushrooms appear en masse in late May. The weather was not very warm, in the morning it was very cold as for the end of May, only +3 and during the day +13 degrees! Having reached the mushroom place, I began mushroom hunting. First of all, I started looking for ceps, as the first spring ceps appear in late May. This year the spring stood out cold; there were only a few warm days. I went around several mushroom places, I found the first mushroom. It was a boletus. I realized that I need to look for birch groves. Moved to a new mushroom place in a birch grove, I immediately found several boletus. The silent hunt was a success! The first spring mushrooms pleased me. Mushroom hunting was a success!


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