For carp and bream from a boat

In extreme heat, the predator is not particularly caught, there were several trips and almost zero catches. If so, then you can retrain into a “peaceful fisherman” and go out to the river to catch a white fish, I did not really want to go from the shore, so I decided to catch it from a boat. In the evening I prepared all the tackles, knead the bait of a dark color on the bream and added Salapa porridge and more, because large fish need to be fed a lot.

He went to the water early, got to the fishing point on the motor, anchored and began to collect gear. Since I catch from a boat and always almost under the boat itself, without any distant castings, I have pickers as working rods. A very long time ago when I started to get involved in fishing, I got the SABANEEV FOTON Pro 2.4m picker (40g) and the Mikado BLACK DRAFT Picker 2.4m also up to 40 grams. These rods are perfect both when fishing from the shore at a short distance and when fishing from a boat, I safely hang 50-60 gram feeders and simply lower the pendulum casting near the boat.

I assembled the equipment on the fishing line, this is my usual in-line with a feeder 10-15 cm and leashes 0.5-1 meter, I put both and watch during fishing how long the leash is longer than bites. In general, I began to feed the point with bait with an interval of 2 minutes.

The goby was the first to come as usual, then the small roach and scavenger began to approach. They willingly ate the various bait that they were offered, a worm, maggot, corn.

After an hour of such fishing, individuals began to come to the point and larger, the bats were very powerful and strongly resisted, especially during the course, the owner of the river himself granted a mustachioed carp.

The fact that the point was chosen correctly, I had no doubt, this is one of my favorite places with a lot of shells at the bottom, I regularly pulled it out on a hook. And the carp was more and more pleased with its bites and strong resistance, it was necessary to give it a walk to get into the landing net without a break, because I have leashes of 0.14 diameter.

The more the food migrated to the fishing point, the more often bites became, the bream pecked at times, but when a comrade arrived, he dispersed unwanted guests at the feast. Although the mustachioed one was not large, he didn’t want to share food with others when he was quiet and after a while the scammer came.

Sandwiches very well worked on the nozzle today, maggot + corn, worm + maggot and dip helped out, the dip worked very well on sazan which was very sour, I knew that sazan loves sour corn, so I decided to try this flavor and it worked.

Time flew quickly and the bait was ending, and in principle, I had already caught a lot of fish, I caught enough on the fire and salted, collected gear and went ashore to collect the boat and rest home.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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