Fly rod overview 6 meters

Match and plug fishing in Russia is practiced mainly by athletes and advanced amateurs, and you don’t often find a fisherman with a Bolognese rod on the pond. The simplest, most affordable, and therefore the most widespread float tackle is a swing rod with blind rigging. At the same time, there will always be a reservoir, say, with a crucian carp or rotan, where a simple tackle is practically not inferior in efficiency to a more advanced and expensive version. Although, of course, having gotten into the taste of float fishing, you choose a higher class rod, and optimal floats for different conditions, and high-quality fishing lines, which inevitably affects the price of the tackle as a whole. However, this happens not only in float, but in any other fishing.

In our first review of fly rods, we will look at budget models with a length of about 6 m at a price of about 2000 rubles. Naturally, there are also cheaper ones, but these heavy and uncomfortable rods made of fiberglass or composite are almost all the same. The choice of rod length is not accidental. Of course, it is better to have several rods of different lengths, but when it comes to purchasing only one rod, most anglers tend to choose a universal option. Very often it turns out to be exactly the “six”. It can be caught both on small rivers and ponds, and on large bodies of water. It is clear, not far from the coast, but usually fish from long distances can be pulled up with bait into an accessible fishing zone. Any model considered is not only universal, but also quite suitable for the role of the first rod of a beginner floater. Each of them has its own characteristics, which we will talk about.


In the Black Hole assortment, the Galaxy series, in my opinion, deserves the most attention from anglers who want to fish with modern tackle without spending a lot of money on their hobby. Although the company’s assortment also includes cheaper series, for example, the “folk” River Hunter fishing rods, we must nevertheless admit that these are rods of completely different levels and for different purposes. River Hunter – powerful rods for tough conditions and big fish, Galaxy – more delicate series. The site says that these rods are designed for fishing with peaceful fish weighing up to 2-3 kg, which ensures fast hook-up and no retracement when playing. Well, it remains only to figure out how the declared characteristics of the rod correspond to reality.

The declared weight of the model in question is only 160 g, the actual one turned out to be slightly more – 190 g, but still it is very good for such a rod. Such a small weight can be explained by the material used – according to the manufacturer’s information, it is carbon fiber-reinforced plastic of the IM7 brand, and the relatively thin walls of the butt and two lower bends – 0.85 mm. The declared length of the rod is 5.6 m, the actual one turned out to be slightly less – 5.56 m. The length of the folded rod is 141 cm. The diameter of the butt knee is 24 mm; part of it is 54 cm long and has a special coating, thanks to which the rod does not slip in the hands. On the butt there is a light metal fungus with a rubber insert that prevents slipping of the rod set vertically. The upper end of the butt elbow is closed during transportation with a well-fitted stopper.

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The rod is five-knee, but the upper knee is in two parts. The lower tubular is 55 cm long and 4.5 mm in diameter at the bottom, 2.4 mm at the top. The upper part is monolithic, 50 cm long, its diameter decreases from 1.90 to 0.65 mm. The parts are connected telescopically, the total length of the upper knee is 102 cm. Due to the low weight of the rod, long-term fishing with it does not tire at all, so there is no desire to put the rod on the racks and take a break. It does not cause inconvenience and lure during fishing, when the rod is in hand. Galaxy series rods can be recommended for fishing with frequent transitions from place to place, when the weight of the tackle is not the last thing. They are also good for fishing on the current, in which the rod is always in the hands and you need to constantly re-throw the rig. However, nothing prevents you from fishing with this rod even in stagnant water using racks.

The manufacturer’s declared performance characteristics of the rod are quite true. The striking is quick: the rod copes successfully even with catching bleak, when an almost instant reaction to the bite is required. Unfortunately, it was not possible to check the behavior of the rod when playing fish weighing more than the “recommended” 2-3 kg, but it copes well with fish weighing up to a kilogram. So, if the main thing is not the strength of the tackle, but the ease and comfort of fishing, the Galaxy series rods are a very worthy choice.


In the Sabaneyev range of float tackles, the Pole series is the most affordable and in high demand for many years; there are many positive reviews from anglers using these rods. True, a radical renewal of all directions of the company’s rod program has now begun, so the appearance of new budget models of fly rods is possible. A six-knee rod, nominal length 6.3 m, weight 350 g. Of course, the ratio of length to weight is not the best, but do not forget about the price of this model and the fact that the manufacturer of this series of rods is designed for catching carp and other strong fish. The actual length of the rod turned out to be a little less – 6.25 m, but the weight – much higher: the tested sample is 410 g. However, thanks to the good balance, the rod lies very well in the hand, so it is quite comfortable to catch it, although after several hours of active fishing hands start to get tired.

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The brand of carbon fiber is not indicated on the rod, and the manufacturer’s website simply refers to “high-strength carbon fiber”. The wall thickness is quite decent – 1.1 mm, however, there are also thicker-walled models. Transport length 142 cm. Butt knee diameter 26.5 mm. The 66 cm handle has a special coating to prevent slipping in wet hands. The knees of a wet rod do not “stick” when unfolded, as sometimes happens with some other models. At the end of the butt knee there is a black metal fungus with a rigid plastic insert. The whip of the rod is hollow, quite powerful and rigid, 75 cm long; the diameter of the lower end is 3.9 mm, the upper end is 1.5 mm. “Sabaneev” supplies spare whips for rods of this series, so they can always be purchased separately.

Taking into account the relatively large weight of the rod, it is not very comfortable to catch bleak with it, although it is possible. The working qualities of the rod are best manifested when fishing for large fish in difficult conditions, for example, large crucian carp or carp in overgrown shallow water, when the fish should not be slack and must be forced to play. Due to the large margin of safety, fishing for carp weighing 1.5-2 kg does not cause any problems. If you need a versatile and reliable rod, with which you can fish both roach and borer and get out on a carp fish, then Sabaneev Pole fully meets these requirements.


Salmo is known primarily as a manufacturer and supplier of low-cost fishing products, which is why its fly rods are especially interesting in the context of our review. Indeed, in the company’s catalog there are several series of fly rods, and the selected one is the most technologically advanced and expensive. The rest of the series, in my opinion, are not so attractive, since in their characteristics they are noticeably inferior to the Diamond X-Tech Pole series and the rods discussed above. The rod in question is six-kneed, with a nominal length of 6 m and a weight of 350 g; actual weight and length – 5.78 m and 370 g. The recommended weight of the rig is indicated on the rod – 3-15 g. To be honest, I don’t really understand what the manufacturers mean, but I can say that with rigs weighing from 1.5 up to 6 g, it worked well, but with heavier ones it was not possible to fish, and they are usually not used with fly rods. According to the catalog, the rod material is IM7 carbon fiber. The walls of the two lower legs of the rod are quite thick – 1.35 mm; if it is necessary to shorten the rod, the butt knee can be removed, but then I would not risk it: the rod may break.

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When folded, the length of the rod is 127 cm. The area with a special coating on the butt knee is relatively short – 56 cm, the coating is less “rough” than in the other models discussed above. On the butt knee, there is a large, easy-to-read marking with the model indication. The diameter of the butt knee is 26 mm, at its end there is a mushroom made of metal and plastic with a soft rubber insert. During transportation, the butt knee is plugged with a plastic stopper. The whip of the rod is hollow, 89 cm long; the diameter of the upper end is 1.65 mm, the lower end is 4.9 mm. With the selection of the method of attaching the equipment, slight difficulties may arise here, since the 1.5 mm connector is too small, and the next one has an inner diameter of 1.8 mm. It usually does not come to cutting the tip – it is enough to choose a filling adhesive, or you can simply use suitable silicone cambric.

This model can be recommended for fishing on bodies of still water, when frequent re-throws are not required and the rod can lie on the supports. But if the necessary instant hookup, such a rod is hardly suitable: because of the rather heavy tip and the general soft action, it “lags” and the hook is lubricated. But when fishing with bulky baits such as a worm or corn, the inertia of the rod turns out to be even handy, since it does not allow the angler to hook too early, pulling the bait out of the mouth of the fish. A very good option for catching medium-sized carp on paysites and in wild waters. And even when fishing for bream and bream, this rod looks quite worthy.