Fishing on the cake

The cake is a distillation of oilseeds, under the pressure of which is drained vegetable oil. The cake is used as feed for agricultural animals, as well as the oil cake is an excellent bait and lure fishing. Is meal fried and steamed. Typically used fried oil cake, as steamed to the fishing because of its weak odour.

Mihovka is devices for catching fish on the cake. She plays the role of cargo, often of rectangular shape. This cargo is attached to a piece of cake, the corners of which are charged hooks size 6-8. The cake in the water gradually begins to dissolve and to smell that attracts the fish, and she begins to eat off it. It should be noted that the fish breed carp don’t eat around the nozzle, and suck. At the moment, the meal is absorbed and the hook that is inside.

Some fishermen use a slightly different method of catching fish on the cake: you need to charge the meal the two hooks, and the other two to spread a worm or maggots. The principle is that the sail fish can smell the cake, but to eat the worm. This method is suitable when fishing on lakes where you need a long-distance casting. Apply zmijavci as float rods and spinning rods.

Fishing on the cake

To catch fish on the cake we will need a stiff rod with a length of four meters, with the test snap is about one hundred grams, and bezinertsionnaja coil. In this case, you will be able to throw a loaded tackle more than 30 meters. Ordinary fishing line 0.4 mm, a length of 70 meters. The cake is preferable to use a rectangular shape. It is used as a nozzle, and additives to the bait, bait and bait. A nozzle prefer hemp meal, but fish well taking soy, sunflower, most importantly, the cake was fresh.

Fishing cake produced in stagnant water, and on the course. You always need to take into account the bottom topography and the bottom should be smooth and without snags. It is best that the bottom was sandy, or, at least, stony, muddy ground to mihovka when pulling not buried in the silt. Tackle first fill up for some distance, and then put a bell or horn and wait for the fish to bite.

Generally, the cake caught the same way as on a Donk, so with full confidence myhouse can be called ground tackle. You should take the net if you are counting on a big fish, because without it, you will be hard to pull out of the pond caught fish.

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