Fishing on a feeder. Fishing BREED on the Western Dvina river. Bites of the night bream.

And again, we in the Western Dvina are hunting for Kraken BREEDS! Today we chose a place a little downstream just behind a small riffle, where the current weakens a little, but the depth is still small – about a meter. They didn’t find an obvious edge — only at a distance of 60 meters it was more or less pronounced, but at such a distance it was very difficult to catch at a pace, so I caught at 39 meters. There was no expected bream, so he put another feeder at a distance of 27 meters. Throwing it away infrequently, but it was on him that the first bream came across. The main zhor fell at night from 2 to 3 nights. He pecked exclusively at maggot, even ignored bloodworms! By coincidence, at five in the morning we had to leave and therefore we did not get to the morning exit. Well, and so very well caught)) All NNHF)


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