Fishing noodle – design and fishing technique

As you know, you can fish in any weather and at any time of the year. On the river or standing body of water you can fish on noodle. Standing water is necessary in order to bait fell in the water almost perpendicular to the bottom. Besides, the bottom should be clean and preferably sand, but may be a small amount of silt and vegetation. This is to ensure that the fish could see as playing bait and hook.

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  • What is noodle and what does it consist?
  • Fishing noodle
  • What is noodle and what does it consist?

    Blockhead – it’s pretty popular, and most importantly easy to manufacture a lure with a strange “game” in the water (hence got the name “swimming from the bulldozer”), consisting of freely linked bodies and a couple of hooks, which together resemble a small crustacean, bug, or other water inhabitants.

    Mostly on bait fish at the first ice, and it is used for perch (even though other species are also caught). In winter there are moments when the fish begins to bite, so it can be used in the dead of winter. The main thing in this period to observe the rules of conduct on the ice.

    It consists of three elements:

  • the first element is the body. It consists of a loop and two hooks, the hooks can spread beads or beads of different colors;
  • the second element is ogruzka, it is necessary to correctly position the sinker in the center to play this design didn’t scare the fish. Sinker, poured mainly from lead due to it’s low cost and easy availability to fishermen and tungsten, with it you can increase the weight and reduce sizes.
  • the third element is the nod-and-bait when fishing with this lure is best to use a large coil.
  • Fishing noodle

    Fishing technique to noodle is very simple, when she is in water, it is necessary to throw the bait up to a distance of one meter thus allowing her to fall freely to the bottom, and the silt rises from the bottom and create a cloud of dust and dregs, which also attracts the attention of fish. Mostly bait throw by 30 – 50 centimeters. If the depth is small enough to throw 5 to 10 centimeters and can withstand a long pause. In the absence of biting time between podbrosili better to increase, as it also provokes the fish to bite. In the water the hooks continue to move and entice the fish.

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