Fishing in Pripyat

Konstantin Kuzmin for the first time on the Pripyat River, but from his words, he understands it, because it looks like his native Oka, on which he grew up and on such a river as Klyazma, which flows in the Moscow and Vladimir region. Approximately the same situation in depths and course, topography.

Pripyat is not at all the same – the very low water level that has been observed here for several years.

Fishermen are superstitious people, when fishing you should not wish for “good luck”, shave your beard on the eve, and there is also a sign – if you fish from the first cast, you can collect gear and go home. It also happened to our second crew, from Latvia.

When our crew plowed the expanses of Pripyat and already managed to catch the first fish – asp, the guys decided to rest from the road and get enough sleep. Closer to dinner, we slowly went out into the water, before our eyes we made the first cast, the spinning bends into an arc. At first, no one believed that there was a fish, but it was a catfish, 10-12 kilograms. Unfortunately, the sign worked and the rest of the days there were no more fish on board.

You don’t have to take a boat with you, says Ivan. On the "old people" the shore is good, running, regularly pecking a measuring bit on the small "rubber". From time to time, a little pike came across small spinners and lures, but I wanted something more, so in three days we rolled more than a hundred kilometers along the river in search of the coveted zander.

Why exactly him? This fish is quite difficult to catch, and therefore interesting, reckless. The main tactic is the search for a variety of flooded "snags" or even huge tree trunks, in which bushes the fish hides. In order not to tear off too many baits, it is necessary to use offset hooks, as well as powerful gear, because the weight of the cargo along with the bait reached 30-40 grams, and for higher water 60-70.

In addition to branches and snags, it is possible to search for zander by “whitewash”. On the river, white fish constantly moves in search of food, unlike stagnant water, and the predator accompanies it. There is an echo sounder on our board, so we also navigated in large flocks and this brought results.

Weather changes and pressure drops also affect fish biting, this was the case this time too, but experienced fishermen will always find fish and will not be left without a catch. During these days they caught: catfish, asp, perch, perch and even a couple of small pikes.


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