Fishing in Finland.

So, about rivers and lakes. I'll start with Merikarvia, which is 40 kilometers from Pori. The river, of course, is tempting, but very untwisted. The price of the license – 25 euros – is too high, it’s not worth it, this is my opinion.

There, of course, you can hook a small submarine, but this is too small a chance, and for the iris (kirelokhi) and small trout it is too cool. True, there is grayling in the river, but I personally did not catch trophies, perhaps a little squint.

You can rent a house on Merikarvia, which, by the way, my friends from St. Petersburg did, but that was before the crisis, somewhere in 2010. Then they raised the price tag, and raised it decently. Therefore, I said goodbye to this river without regret: a long road of 140 kilometers, an expensive license and other, other, other.

Go ahead. 100 kilometers from Vaasa. Lapväartinjoki. License 15 euros, fish: grayling, pestle, trout, I do not think the rest (pike and others). At the mouth in the spring there is a great chance to land a good trout. The river is rapids, but not wide, very pleasant, pestle with grayling will not let you be bored. You can catch and fly fishing, and lure. You can say this is my favorite river.

Then comes the lake of fairly decent size. Here the license will cost 10 euros plus a boat. There is an iris in the lake, there are no less than two kilos, well, and other representatives.

Well, probably enough for now. In the coming days we will be getting closer to Vaasa, through payers.

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