Fishing in Finland.

About payers.

Hello again! Today I decided to talk about payers. (Tobish about lakes and other reservoirs where you need to buy a license). The first thing about Salasj√§rvi, the lake is quite decent in area, the maximum depth is three and a half meters, the water is brownish, like in all peat lakes, but quite clean There is a big campsite on the barges, you can rent a local one on your own house, or you can rent a local one. Prices are pretty reasonable, license 10 euros, a boat 5 euros. Motors are prohibited on the lake, only oars. The shore is equipped, places for fires, shelters from the weather. Pisces: iris, whitefish (pike with perch nick it catches, although they are present, and interfere with everything) They catch litter (pasta) baubles (9 grams of all colors proved to be very good Lotto), of course, everything depends on the weather and fish mood. Well, of course, all kinds of flies, both dry and wet … In winter, the atmosphere is also very pleasant, there is a bonfire on the shore, warm company, and once the flag has risen, and you, along with a crowd of fans, are rushing to the hole. Isn't that a pleasure?

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