Fishing for walleye in the spring on spinning: everything you need to know

Sudak – an excellent trophy for angler of any level. However, sometimes to get it can be difficult even for those who has long believed himself a true seducation. About the subtleties of tactics of catching this beautiful fish in the spring will discuss in this article. I should say that the article is applicable to fishing for pike in Central Russia, on medium to large rivers and reservoirs, quarries and lakes.

Tactics spring walleye fishing

In these reservoirs in the spring perch on a spinning start to catch since the break-up of ice, even in the presence of the edge on the pond. During this period, his activity is a bit more than in the winter. Find the fish manages mostly in areas adjacent to the points of the winter Parking perch, that is in the pits up to 15 m and at the outputs of them. At this time, the predator prefers large baits, non-active game.

As example, twisters, and a variety of creatures ranging in size from 3 to 5 inches. But despite this sometimes there are sudden short peaks of activity of the perch, and it manages to successfully catch and on the active baits such as crankbaits-minnow and crank corresponding embedding.

Since full raspyleniya ice starts the flood period. At this time the walleye are even more active than before and it is pretty stable. But the main question in this period — where to find the fish? The answer to this question is – everywhere.


During flood, the perch are not bound to certain points or terrain. It is possible to catch them both at depth and in shallow water. This is due to the binding of pike-perch for flocks of white fish, which in turn is tied to food supply. Their white fish is able to find as at intermediate depths, where the increase for stronger leaches the soil and the flooded water areas of shallow water, where peaceful fish cannot find food in the Bush last year grass and algae.

Documentary evidence of the above is the fact that often after a flood fails to see the perch in the neighborhood with other fish is already cut off from the water pools and oxbows. By the way, sometimes he manages to settle down in these waters, and even to leave offspring. The angler should bear in mind these facts and to pay attention to these bodies of water in Sudakovo fishing.

Thus, given the specificity of fishing in this period for the most productive fishing can advise the angler actively moving around the pond and the use of lures to the kranks ‘ different penetration, rattling and crankbaits-minnow for a quick search of the fish.

Doublepane on the found point must be made with the use of various silicone lures, namely, twisters, vibrohvosta, as well as all kinds of creatures, depending on the activity of the predator at this moment in time. On non-uniform bottom topography, good results can give the use of snap dropshot or discharge the leash, in the presence of flow.

It should also be said that in this period the positive result can give a reduction in bait, for example from the usual 3 inches to 2 or even to 1-1.5 when fishing in shallow water. Particularly well this technique works in the time of floods, when the melt waters are just starting to get into the pond and the water is still quite clear.

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