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Fishing for carp in the autumn on the float rod

Table of contents

  • Rigging for catching carp on the float rod
  • Where to catch carp on the float in the autumn
  • When caught carp in the autumn
  • What to catch carp on the float in the autumn

Carp is a very popular object of fishing Amateur fishermen at any time of the year. This can be explained by the fact that carp can be found in almost any water body in the village and in the city, and is caught he is comfortable with the bait worm, barley, etc. this may explain the popularity of this fish — she is picky and pretty interesting in terms of fishing.

But each season has a special effect on carp, which accordingly affects the habits of the fish. In this article we will examine what happens to carp in the fall and how to catch on the float rod this time of year. Let’s start with snap, which we’ll need for catching carp on the float.

Rigging for catching carp on the float rod

For catching carp to tackle and hardware there are no special requirements. The only thing to consider is that in the autumn of carp to catch better on the longer rod 5-6 or even 7 metres, because the carp in that time kept the deeper sections of the reservoir.

Fishing line. Optimal use fishing line diameter 0.15-0.2 mm. This scaffold is quite thin, so as not to make the carp wary and at the same time quite durable, to extract even large carp.

Hook. Hooks for carp put No. 5-7 of the domestic numbering. It is better suited to hooks with a long forearm. More about choosing the hook for carp, you can find here.

Float. Float fishing for carp is most often an individual choice. Every fisherman has their preferences and everyone prefer to fish with the float of a particular form with a specific load capacity. I prefer to catch carp on the float type quill pen. Such floats have a very good sensitivity, making the bite very clearly visible and it is very convenient. Learn more about choice of float for carp here.

Well, here’s a snap we understand, and it’s time to approach more specific issues, which may affect the outcome of fishing.

Where to catch carp on the float in the autumn

Carp, with the arrival of autumn, gradually begins to move away from the coast and occupy a nearby pit. But in September, especially with stable warm weather, carp are not in a hurry to leave the coastal areas are rich in different animals, which you can eat.

Therefore, fishing for carp in September is practically no different from the summer and fishing continues in the same spirit. But when autumn starts to show the nature and the temperature begins to drop, the carp quickly it responds and settles in the pits. Now, in order to catch, anglers need to change tactics and look for the Parking of a crucian examining each deep abilities. In shallow water waiting for the fish to bite carp already absolutely no sense and here is possible only accidental catches stray small animals. Because shallow water cools much faster, and at a depth is still a few degrees above, which is so important for heat-loving carp.

If you find a pit of snags on the bottom, it is likely that you will be taken to a treasure trove of autumn carp, which with the autumn cold barely move around the pond. But such a place as snags on the depth, would be to him an asylum, where he can have a great catch. Carp in October with almost the whole team is in the pits, but in places with different cover type, snags, its density can be several times higher than in the open areas of the reservoir. In addition, there are significantly more chances to catch a big carp.

When caught carp in the autumn

Of course, with the advent of autumn, the time of catching carp, too, is changing. And if in September, the carp can still bite all day from early morning to late evening and even at night, closer to the Oct its bite are stable only in the daytime, when the temperature reaches a maximum.

In the fall to catch carp is from 9 am to 5-7 PM. At this time you can good luck. The rest of the carp bites are rare and rather random.

The cold makes itself felt, and the activity of the carp falls, nevertheless in fall he needs to gain strength and stock up on fat before winter. It will therefore continue to actively feed, but it will be to pick the warmest time of the day, enjoying the last of the autumn warmth.

In November, the bite carp is almost impossible to catch. Although in ponds where pike, carp goes into hibernation even in the winter, in order not to become easy prey of the predator. But its activity completely drops and he may not even respond to the bait laid it under his nose. Only during periods of thaws, you can still pull a few hungry carp, but, as such, fishing for carp in open water has already stopped.

What to catch carp on the float in the autumn

Carp this fish is omnivorous. Of course live bait the fish not to catch, but to enumerate all the variety of plant and animal baits for catching carp quite difficult. Carp mainly caught on these baits:

  • the worm;
  • Motyl;
  • maggot;
  • dough;
  • semolina;
  • corn;
  • peas;
  • bread;
  • semolina;
  • barley;
  • woodworm;
  • the larva of the may beetle;
  • the larva burdock moth;
  • dragonfly larvae etc.

As you can see the list is not small and it is still far from complete. But keep in mind that carp in the fall need protein, and it is present in animal bait, so in the autumn catching carp should be:

  • worm;
  • Motyl;
  • maggots and other bait animals.

Vegetable bait bait carp you will not wait at all or they are very rare. He is now they are completely uninteresting, because his body requires animal protein, which is rich in energy, which the carp need to stock up on all winter.

Autumn bait for carp is not so effective and its important to apply, except that in September. And later carp already takes up certain areas and get him out of there difficult for even the most fragrant bait. But still, I prefer to use bait always, if not to attract fish, then at least to stimulate its bite. If you can find a hole in which was supposed to be a carp, the bait its aroma will excite the appetite and bite will be more frequent and bold.

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