Fishing for carp in August

In August, when the summer is coming to an end, and the water temperature begins to rise, crucian carp feels the approach of winter. His behavior is changing. This is a good time for fishing, as the carp begins to fatten fat, and the fishing can be very successful with the right approach. At this time often burn large specimens weighing over pounds that perfect booty and takes much pleasure in fighting them. It is important to know when, where and how to catch carp in August to stay with a good catch.

The contents

  • The behaviour of carp in August
  • Where to find the fish
  • The timing of the fishing
  • The best tackle
    • Fishing for carp in August on a float
    • Bottom gear
  • Bait
  • What to catch carp in August
  • Especially catching equipment
  • Useful video

The behaviour of carp in August

In August, crucian carp aktiviziruyutsya. He takes the nozzle at this time more resolute than in June and July . This heat-loving fish need to fatten fat before winter hibernation. And to do that she starts in August. This activity is explained by another factor – in this month the heat subsides, and the fish feels more comfortable.

Despite the fact that the carp likes the heat, heat, he, like any other fish, brings bad. In July decreases the amount of oxygen in the water, but it is bad for the appetite of it’s inhabitants.

Even carp, which is very undemanding in this respect, and can live in those waters, where any other fish dying from oxygen starvation, in the midst of summer, prefers to lay low and sometimes even virtually cease to feed.

Help! In September, underwater vegetation dies and water microorganisms will cease their activity. After that the food supply in the pond for the crucian carp is significantly reduced. That is why the fish starts his internship in August.
Where to find the fish

In August, a thermocline, which is typical for July, dissolved, water temperature returned to normal, and the Parking of a crucian, which become more constant throughout the day, easier to find. Look for the fish at this time:

  • on the borders of grass and pure water;
  • on the edge;
  • on the pits;
  • on bottom elevations;
  • under the overhanging trees by the water;
  • at bridge piers and other in-water structures.

Good looking point at this time, it is possible to find and right near the shore, and in the distance, on the edge or the pit. Therefore, if you learn a new pond, you should try to sh in diverse areasto find fish.

For example, to add a ground rod at the far edge of the parapet and parallel to sh in near distance float rod. But we must bear in mind that the chances of a good catch when fishing with long casts and still, youre, as near the shore at this time food becomes less and less.

The timing of the fishing

In August, the carp are already not actively pecking at the sunrise, in June and July.

Attention! The best time for fishing on most bodies of water – from 8-9 am and lunch time on Sunny days. In cloudy weather it is well to burn in the middle of the day, with lunch and 5-6 PM.

After 6 the activity of the carp falls, but this time the chances to catch a good trophy maximum. On many bodies of water in August can be very successfully catch carp at night, while the big fish in the dark willingly coming to the water’s edge, because after sunset it is not as fearful as day.

When the bite carp

The best tackle
Fishing for carp in August on a float

For catching carp in August, will fit any float tackle.

  • Poles – the most popular of them. Best choice for catching carp at close range on water without currents.
  • Bologna rod – designed for fishing on the course, it is possible to do long Postings lures, pitting the fishing line from the spool. Also the Maltese can be caught as stroke or throw bait outto a distance of several tens of meters.
  • Match fishing rod – fishing tackle, designed for long casting.

This kind of float fishing rods, as plug-in tackle, is also very suitable for carp fishing in August. It allows you to very accurately apply a snap to the desired location and hold it motionless indefinitely, even if fishing takes place on the course. But this gear is quite bulky, and for recreational fishing is rarely used. Plug tackle is first and foremost attribute of anglers.

Fishing for carp on the float rod. Fish calendar on the float

Bottom gear

Of the market for carp in August are most often used:

    • Donka-zakidushka – a simple tackle, which consists of the reel of fishing line, sinkers and leashes with hooks .
    • A simple ground rod consists of rod with a capacity rings, coils and accessories which are sinker and one or more leashes with hooks.

The ground rod for carp

  • Gum is good because it allows you time after time to accurately put the snap in the same place. Due to this greatly increased the effectiveness of fishing.

    Fishing for carp on the “gum”

  • Picker and feeder is a very effective sport gear, which have long been popular among fans. With the right approach provide the best catches.

    Fishing for carp on the feeder. The rating of the rod and coils. The choice of location

Good results in August can be achieved by catching carp on the nipple – the popular tackle with a trough, in which hide the hooks. In the feeder similar installation called methoden.

Donka is a good choice for carp fishing away from the coast, where you can always find the big fish. Although in August with trophy fish often come up in search of food and to the water’s edge.


To lure the fish, you can use a ready mix from stores or prepared independently. The first one is simple – just fill them with water, and then you can mold the balls or score the mixture into the trough.

To prepare simple bait for catching carp in August, you need to mix:

  • 2 parts of feed;
  • 2 pieces of bread crumbs;
  • 1 part of crushed fried sunflower seeds.

Instead of feed you can use boiled wheat, barley cereal, or crushed corn, and sunflower seeds instead – cake. Thanks to a strong and very attractive to carp smell of sunflower in this mix don’t even have to add flavoring . Although, as a rule, he bait works is better.

Another version of bait – it is kind of slupinski porridgerecipe which has been specially modified to better suited for carp in August. To prepare it, it is necessary:

  • boil 1 part millet to 3 parts water for about 15 minutes, after boiling, you add a teaspoon of unrefined vegetable oils and some honey on the tip of a knife;
  • pour into a large ware 2 parts wheat, barley or corn grains or a mixture thereof;
  • to fill them boiled millet, carefully mix and leave overnightto dry cereal engorged.

Already on the pond and the bait necessary to add rice rusk in such quantity as to obtain the mixture should be consistency.

Fishing hooks: compare and recipes.

What to catch carp in August

Catching carp in summer and can be on plant and animal heads. This fish, like many other underwater inhabitants, has a clear preference for vegetable baits in warm water and in cold, in the spring and autumn , are more willing to bite on animals.

August is a transition month from summer to autumn, but a month old, and carp at this time until more is caught bits of plant adaptations.

For catching him at this time well suited:

  • canned corn ;
  • peas;
  • barley ;
  • semolina Prater Park ;
  • mastyrka;
  • dough;
  • bread;
  • pasta.

Of animals tips for catching carp in August are most often used:

  • the worm;
  • maggot;
  • Motyl;
  • the larva of the caddis;
  • larvae of bark beetles and other beetles.

As always Karaseva fishing, no harm will have more different attachmentsto try them all and practice to determine that this day is more like fish. If the bite is bad, it is also worth to use for sandwiches, that is to stick one hook two or three different nozzles. It’s a good idea to combine animal and vegetable baits. The carp, which actively searches for food, it is usually difficult to resist such a treat.

Especially catching equipment

Carp in August, more responsive to the bait and goes to it willingly. Usually after 15 minutes after sakorn done already, you can start fishing. The time of approach of fish to the bait increases with the approach of autumn, towards the end of August.

In August, the fish takes the nozzle greedily. Therefore, the float immediately sinks under water or climbs out of it. When fishing with the feeder to notice that the fish interested in the bait and took it too easy. Long time to wait, looking at the dancing on the surface of the water float, in June and July, usually is not necessary.

Important! If cutting is not done in time, carp can also quickly and decisively to spit out the nozzle.

The amount of aquatic vegetation in August reaches a maximum. If fishing takes place near it, after a successful trip I needed to take carp off the grass that he had not made her snap. For fishing in such places it is necessary to use a thicker fishing line.

Useful video

Secrets to catching carp on the float.

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