Fishing for carp – how and where and what to catch this fish?

Do not think that to catch carp you can accidentally. If you want to catch big carp, then get ready for the big procedure. You will need to correctly assemble tackle and take a good look in the pond fisheries. Classes are not easy, but I think it’s worth it. And so let’s start from the beginning and figure out how to catch carp.

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  • How to catch carp?
  • How to catch carp?
  • What to catch carp?
  • To catch carp you can, of course, in the carp ponds. Today many such ponds to be in private ownership, otherwise they are called “paysite”. Many anglers-professionals, and speak of them not very flattering. But to find the pond, where a carp. To do this, before you start fishing be sure to ask around your friends or look for information on the Internet about whether there is in this pond the carp or not. Besides, if these places would be a large amount, you. This pond should be well maintained. A place for fishing it is advisable to choose, where there are hills and hollows of the terrain. Usually, in such places due to vegetation, the bottom should be muddy. In the mud carp finds himself, than to profit.

    By the way, most often the location of the carp, issued just after the air bubbles rising to the water surface, from the fact that this fish struggling in the mud.

    Besides if at that place silt layer thicker, in such places, the carp finds more food and the fish to linger there for long. So, now you know where to catch carp but more detailed advice you will read below.

    How to catch carp?

    The behavior of carp is such that movement to the place of feeding it carries out not randomly, but with a certain route. Such routes are called “carp corridors”, which this fish does to the “hot spots”. The fact is this fish shy and if you throw fishing line in a prominent place, carp can smell a rat and disappear from view. Therefore it is necessary to throw tackle in the place where young plants or driftwood for camouflage.

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