Fishing for carp fishing rod

Carp the bait

Carp — fish-loving, because it is caught mainly in late spring, summer and early fall. Caught this fish on winter gear, but it is rather an anomaly, an exception to the General rule.

Methods of carp fishing
The main ways of carp fishing two:

  • Donka;
  • float tackle;

    Hunters for carp has the right to choose a suitable own method, depending on the horizon, which prefers to be carp in a particular body of water at certain times of the day.

    On some waters carp is easier to catch the ground tackle. Other without with a float rod can not do.

    The habits and behaviors of carp

    The habits of the carp and its taste preferences in different reservoirs can vary greatly. But similarities in the behavior of this fish there anyway:

    1. Karp travels to the pond in search of food, drifting approximately on the same route.
    2. Under normal weather conditions, this fish is abundantly nourished.
    3. Carp you can keep bait on a certain place, if he considers this place safe enough for themselves.

    Place carp

    Movement of carp in the pond are hard to see with the naked eye. Usually the “carp route” is determined intuitively. But the chances of catching of this fish increase if at the bottom you can find:

  • hole;
  • “table”;
  • sval;
  • snag a seat;
  • In spring and autumn carp may appear in the shallows. In summer, this fish likes to stand on the depth, occasionally, on the hottest days, rising to the surface.

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