Fishing for carp and carp in the river

Carp are often caught in the ponds. On the paysite everyone has the opportunity to compete with fish. Many also find a carp in the wild ponds and lakes. But fishing on the river much interesting, besides it can bring very good results. In flowing waters it inhabits mainly carp – wild brother carp. His fishing is especially interesting. Fish in the river is active, biting it firmly, and playing desperately resists.

The contents

  • How to catch carp on the river: features
  • The choice of a place of catching
  • How to catch carp on the river, tackle
    • Bottom fishing rods
    • Float fishing rods
  • Complementary feeding
  • The choice of nozzles
  • Especially catching equipment
  • Useful video

How to catch carp on the river: features

Feature of river fishing is that a fish that lives in flowing water, much stronger pond. Wild river carp twice as strong as carp grown in fish farms. This happens because the fish have to constantly fight over, because to find food in the river much more difficult. When fishing on flowing waters need to be ready for a strong resistance. Will need strong tackle, and care for the fish to cope with the fish.

Help! Another characteristic feature is that the bait blows over. When fishing on the river it is important to choose the correct mixture and appropriate tactics of complementary feeding. There are nuances of the choice fishing places on the river.
The choice of a place of catching

Look for carp and carp on the river you need to:

  • under the cliffs, under high podmyta shores;
  • on bends;
  • in the bays and creeks.

This is a characteristic catchability place for fishing on rivers. Also carp can be found in a typical points that attract him on all waters:

  • on the ridges and pits;
  • on the coquina – areas where the bottom is strewn with dracenas;
  • in the confluence of tributaries – streams and small rivers;
  • on the borders of thickets of vegetation;
  • from fallen trees and snags.

What snags are the most promising spots for fishing. Here the fish can always be found. But, because the fish in strong convulsions it is impossible because of frequent hooks, tackle and throw to the borders of such areas.

Carp avoids areas with swift current. Of course, this strong fish can easily overcome the resistance of any flow of water. But in areas with rapid current it is not fed, as there is not delayed food. So to catch carp should be where the water slows down.

How to catch carp on the river, tackle
Bottom fishing rods

The advantage of the market that catch with them for the.

After casting tooling is laid on the seabed and, if a feeder or sinker is chosen correctly, it remains at the same point. After that, you can safely expect the bite, making perezapisi every 15-20 minutes or less. For catching carp on the river used all kinds donok, but some of them are suitable for such fishing is better and the other worse.

  • Zakidushka – the simplest version of the donkey, consisting of a reel on which is wound the fishing line with a sinker and one or more leashes with hooks . To fight a strong fish like carp, it is better to use instead of the reel rod with a capacity rings, equipped with a coil . It is very useful when playing trophies.
  • Gum – the advantage of this kind of donkey is that when fishing with it over and over again to put the snap on the bottom in the same point, with no need to make casts, the sound of which often frightens the fish. The snap-in consists of: weight 1-3 kg is tied to it cut the braids, which fit elastic waistband length 15 m, working section of the line with a leash and the main line.
  • Maksatic is one of the best folk (not sports) gear for catching carp on the river. To assemble the snap-in that donkey on the end of the basic scaffold we need to secure the sinker to the special design and 2-3 of the leash with hooks. Special delivery for fishing on maksatic you can buy in fishing store. Before casting it is necessary to attach a piece of cake (cake) and stick it hooks. Carp, which came on the smell of food, start to eat them and will put a hook in his mouth.
  • Feeder – Donka-which necessarily includes the trough. When fishing it is possible to always be sure that the bait is located directly next to the nozzle, and hence the probability of the maximum bite. In the classic version at the end is only one lead with a hook.
  • Carp tackle – bottom fishing rod, which is designed only to catch carp fishing for carp and carp and is best suited for hunting large fish. Very similar to the feeder , but differs from it more power. Unlike feeder tackle – carp fishing rod often does not feed, instead of fishing line sinker is mounted.

Float fishing rods

The advantage of float fishing rods that carp usually bite it more readily. It is very well attracted to the bait which carries down stream flow of water.

But it is much less suitable for catching trophy fish than a Donk, as it lacks power.

Even the strongest float rod hardly stand it the fight with 10-12-pound fish, which is over to get away from the angler. If the hook took more solid instance or fishing takes place near snags where carp may have a snap-in and mess with it there, the chance to get him a float rod is quite small.

For carp fishing you can use:

  • primary is the fishing rod – for catching medium-sized fish in the coastal zone;
  • the Bologna tackle this float rod for fishing in the wiring, which you can also make long casts;
  • match fishing is the tackle for fishing at long range, it is suitable for fishing in wiring, but not as good as a lap dog.

The best choice for catching carp and carp in the river will be a powerful float rod with large tests, equipped with spinning reels. With them you can make long casts to a distance of several tens of meters, and just to let snap down near the shore.

Preference is given to short, up to 4 m, line. This compact tackle weighs a bit, so it’s comfortable to fish in all day. Coil for float fishing it is better to use small size to 3000. Larger models, again, heavier tackle.

How to choose flies for carp

Complementary feeding

When fishing in streams you can use the bait in a stationary trough, which falls to the bottom and stays in one place. In particular, this feeder is part donkey-gum.

You can omit it in water and separate as when fishing on the float rod, and the Donk-zakidushku.

Another option is to lure the bait, which is used as a nozzle. You can throw in the water scattering corn , peas , barley or boilies .

The advantage of this method is that this bait does not give a turbidity, which often deters carp, attracting fines. This method sukarma well suited for fishing close to shore at shallow depths. The course will be to demolish the grain, so it is necessary to regularly throw in a serving of food.

The following method of feeding is to use a multicomponent mixturethat must fill with water. Then they can either throw water balloons, or to score in a feeding trough. This method sukarma well suited for any environment, including for fishing at great depths.

Important! The main thing in this case is to choose the optimal consistency of the mixture, i.e. to understand how much to fill it with water. Mix for fishing on the course needs to be more viscous and sticky than for fishing in stagnant water.

To determine the correct concentration for fishing in a particular place , it is necessary experimentally. If fishing a Donk with a trough feed after I’ve washed out of it too fast, then you need to add more water. When its amount is optimal, the food will be after the fall of the snap on the bottom to clean up from it gradually, drawing carp to the hook attachment.

On the course you need to use a lot of bait, far more than when fishing in stagnant water, as the mixture quickly carried away by the water flow. Experienced Cesenatico often within a couple days of fishing throws in the water a few dozen pounds of the feed mixture. And this allows them to achieve excellent results, catching many trophy fish.

Bait for carp and karacak to prepare the bait for carp with their hands

The choice of nozzles

For catching carp on the river is better suited:

  • corn;
  • steamed peas;
  • barley.

These available tips, to get that much easier, and should definitely be added to your Arsenal. In General, river carp, unlike his fellow pond carp, not very picky. In the summer it usually picks up any willing to offer him bait. The main thing – to find a suitable place, and what attachment to use – not so important.

Help! In spring and autumn when the water is colder and the carp are passive, force him to bite harder. At this time is to try animal heads, like a bunch of worms or meat shells. A good choice for catching trophy fish in the river at any time of the year will be soluble .
Especially catching equipment

When fishing in the wiring of the float should be set sothat the head was floating just above the bottom, if the probability of hooks or dragged along the ground when fishing on clean sections.

If you catch a ground rod, it is important to find the optimal weight or feeders for each of the points. After falling to the bottom of the snap should not drag over. In some cases, and 30-40 gram weights or feeders, other necessary to use, and 100-120 gram.

Bite carp in the river is more resolute, than in stagnant ponds. So the bite it is easy to notice. The mouth of the river carp is much strongerthan that of pond carp, as in the diet of wild fish occupy an important place clams with hard shells. Accordingly, the probability of samorodnitsky when catching less, and to strike after a take need sharper.

While playing you always have to be prepared to ensure that the fish will go downstream. This can happen quite suddenly. When the flow of water AIDS carp, its resistance is greatly increased. It may be necessary to apply the rod after the fish and to follow her along the shore, and reduce the clutch to a dead hook a trophy does not cut snap.

Useful video

How to make the simplest and most efficient tackle for carp, carp, carp .

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