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Fishing Cupid in early spring is most fraught with the same difficulties as in fishing for other cyprinid fish, namely with the water temperature. This is usually a common problem in fishing in the spring. Until the water warms to an optimal temperature, which is about 15-16 degrees, good catches can not be expected. So the spring fishing of the Amur river depends on the weather and Sunny days.

But there are advantages to spring fishing, where the object of fishing is to black or white Amur. Since this fish feeds mostly on aquatic vegetation, it is clear that in the spring, when there is little of this vegetation, nibble fish, corn, boilies and other plant tips could be good. There is something Cupid can’t…

Unlike carp Amur prefers to take the nozzle, not from the bottom, and a little above it. More precisely, perhaps, it’s not even that, but the fact that the nozzle is lost in the bottom mud and the grass. But the way of feeding of the Amur river also affects his attraction to the floating nozzles. If he was used to pinch the aquatic vegetation throughout the stalk of a reed, and to take corn on the hook is also familiar for the fish in the water column or at the bottom.

In summer are often very successful is fishing in the Amur river right in the reeds and the young reeds often used as a nozzle. Fishing is float fishing rod powerful type of Bologna, that is, having the coil and therefore the ability to draw out any big fish that allows you to do coil. But this catch is only possible from a boat. In the spring, in most places there is a ban on release of boats on the water and fishing from the boat. So far casting has to do with the help of spinning, feeder or picker.

Fishing Cupid in early spring can quite successfully performed using pekarnogo rods and a relatively light snap. Also successfully applies the feeder. As in most reservoirs, where the usual Cupid, the bottom is often covered meter layer of silt and even more, conventional feeders may not be able to lie on the surface of the sludge. Also special Picardie weights with a sliding snap, which could successfully be used to catch a Cupid, will sink into the soft silt. There is suitable flat feeders who consistently lie on the soft muddy pillow. Besides the weight of them in ponds is relatively small. Enough feeders weighing 20-40 grams.

As in reservoirs with stagnant water different feeder snap-in, kind of symmetrical, asymmetrical loops and paternoster can be pretty rough for cautious of Cupid, then it is better to apply trough in the sliding version. It looks like this: a lead with a hook is located behind the feeder and the main line moves freely in the tube feeders or loop fasteners, to which is fastened a trough.

For prepaymania and feeding of the Amur river, you can use various carp or crucian bait with a biscuit taste, with hemp, imiami, cereal by adding flavorings like strawberry or plum, and especially garlic. Oddly, this favorite scent attracts crucian and grass carp. If bait Cupid, you can simply use boiled corn and when it starts fishing, then, of course, need to have to offer the fish more delicious things. And here is the time to indulge in a fragrant bait mixture.

To ensure that the nozzle is not at the bottom, and just above it using foam balls, put them on a hook or on a hair that attaches to the hook. But even just wearing on a hook balls may become the most iconic showerheads, if they roll in different attractive to fish the dips. This foam ball is first soaked in water and then collapses in a dry and fragrant dip. For example, works very effectively “Magic Bait”. Also successfully can use a combination of two dips, first soak the foam ball in a liquid “Amur Amino Dip” and then in the powder “Amur Powder Dip”. Nozzle assuming a steady taste and smell and color to attract fish. A foam ball is always in the water column, near the bottom.

Fishing Cupid in early spring will bring the strongest and most gambling experience, as this fish is very strong and beautiful.

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