Fisheries (RPU) or To be or not to be free fishing.

Hi friends. You all probably know that fishing in all reservoirs of our region since 2021 should have been completely free. However, the Altai lawmakers disagree with this and took the initiative to amend the already adopted law. If their initiative is accepted and supported by the State Duma, then we will again have to say goodbye to free fishing in all our native reservoirs for an indefinite period. All we could do was appeal to our native Legislators with a request not to support this initiative. Now it remains only to wait and pray that the federal government will not support the AKZS initiative. In a nutshell. Here is the text of the appeal to the chairman of our Zach. meetings of the NSO Shimkiv Andrei Ivanovich:

"In accordance with Article 18 of the Federal Law of December 25, 2018 N

475-ФЗ "On amateur fishing and on amendments to certain legislative

acts of the Russian Federation ”: 1 agreements on the provision of a fishing plot (RPU)

for the organization of amateur and sport fishing (LSR) and (or) use agreements

fishing site for the organization of recreational fishing, which are concluded before the day

the entry into force of the said Federal Law and whose validity has not expired, are valid

until December 31, 2020, with the exception of cases provided for by part 2 of this article.

2 In the areas of extraction of aquatic biological resources in the Baikal, Far Eastern, Northern, Eastern

Siberian fisheries basins contracts remain in force and are regulated

article 33.3 of the Federal law of December 20, 2004 N 166-ФЗ "On fishing and

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conservation of aquatic biological resources. "


Of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as a legislative initiative draft

Federal Law “On Amending Article 18 of the Federal Law“ On Amateur Fishing and

amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation. ” Altai

lawmakers propose that Part 2 of Article 18 of the Federal Law of December 25, 2018 be introduced

No. 475-ФЗ change, supplementing it after the words "East Siberian" with the words "West Siberian".

According to the EXPLANATORY NOTE, which is attached to the draft Federal Law,

initiated by AKZS, it is indicated that: “Contracts for the provision of fishing areas

West Siberian fishery basin for organizing amateur and

sport fishing will be valid until December 31, 2020. This provision

causes concern among amateur fishermen not only in the Altai Territory, but also in other entities

Of the Russian Federation, in the territory of which water bodies included in the composition are located

West Siberian Fisheries Basin ”.

We, fishermen, amateurs of the NSO and the Altai Territory, having familiarized ourselves with the initiative of AKZS, at

support of various public organizations, we declare the following:

This EXPLANATORY NOTE is not true, because OUR OPINION IS ON

NO ONE ASKED THIS QUESTION. In fact, we are very worried only

Moreover, the AKZS initiative will be supported by the federal government and tenants of the RPU (RU)

will continue to collect money from amateur fishers for services that we do not provide to us

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requested. We are convinced that the vast majority of our natural reservoirs

regions should be public and free. And tenants have no right to take

fee from fishermen for fishing in natural reservoirs, because these reservoirs is not

the property of the tenant, they are the property of the people. And their people are not rented to anyone

handed over. We know for sure that the goal of the vast majority of tenants is

maximizing profit with minimal investment. Keeping clean

reservoir and its biological resources for future generations – the task is absolutely secondary and

optional. The market economy dictates its own rules of the game here and they, unfortunately, are very

cruel to our nature.

Of course, there are conscientious users among tenants. They usually

rent closed and small reservoirs that were not famous before rent

good nibble. We are sincerely sorry that they also fall under this huge

"Legislative skating rink", which crushes everyone indiscriminately. From our point of view, we need a system

an individual approach to each specific rental fact. And the key role here should be

play is not the personal point of view of individual officials or deputies, but the opinion of the public. AND

if Altai lawmakers proposed this option, then it would be possible together over it

think, but they offer the same "skating rink", only in the exact opposite

direction. Andrei Ivanovich, once again we draw your attention to the fact that Altai

deputies propose to continue the widespread practice of taking money from people, not even for himself

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the fact of catching fish (for which we also have many questions), but just for the fact of casting a fishing rod into

rented natural reservoir. This, from our point of view, is absolutely unacceptable. We ask

consider the legislative initiative of the AKZS at the next session of the AP of the NSO and give on it

negative conclusion. "

I want to draw your attention to the fact that Altai lawmakers are trying to use the INTENTED FALSE in the Explanatory Note that is attached to this legislative initiative to achieve their goal. They are simply trying to trick the federal government. Did you know, for example, that you are very worried that paid fishing will be banned in our region from 2021? …. Well now know who else would tell you about this except our "caring" Altai deputies! )))