I have been waiting for this micro-jigging for a long time! All the same, this year coastal spinning competitions in the Nizhny Novgorod Region are quite rare, and even work sometimes does not allow you to take part in all tournaments. However, everything has grown together here. Little people gathered, I counted 11 people. Apparently influenced by the remoteness of the venue, but the most persistent traveled even by train and taxi.

The regulation is not quite ordinary. Two prizes: quantity and size. Apparently, it was assumed that the participants would split up: someone will catch on mikruhu, someone on plastic, iron and a larger jig. But it wasn’t there, they all decided to catch one and a half jigs on nano-jigs, preferring the amount over the size and hoping for a bonus. I did the same. All the same, there are a lot of fish and the pace of fishing is much more pleasant and sporting than the search for a trophy, which may not exist. For pike more than 32 cm and any white fish accrued 2 points, everything else – 1 point. A big fish was measured in length, not weight.

The water area is completely unfamiliar. I arrived half an hour early to get to know each other better, although how can I get to know a pond in half an hour? The narrow duct is completely without flow. The water is quite muddy, the bottom is rocky-sandy, a lot of shell rock. Shallow, I did not find any bright changes in the relief. I started the warm-up with 1.6 "bait and weight of 2 g. I got a couple of bites and caught three little perch. I didn’t count on such fish, apparently the abundance of Osk pigs spoiled me :] It was necessary to reduce weight and size. Here, other participants began to drive up. I moved to the starting meadow and collected the 662nd Matygu.

Immediately after the start, I ran to the area where I was warming up, but Roman was ahead of me. He made one or two postings and went to the beach. I, standing in his place, immediately began to catch. It pecked on almost every cast, and I methodically filled my winter box, used as a can, with small perches. Loading 0.75g and whitebait 0.8 "did their dirty work :] Small low-amplitude adolescents worked at a fairly high speed. Suddenly, instead of playing the bait, the cord went sharply towards a deeper section. There was no pike" bale "and I began to hope that there All the same, a thin fluorocarbon leash is not the most reliable link between me and the sharp-toothed predator, but it was a pike. After a bit of fighting, I brought her to the very shore, but she made the final somersault and unhook, falling into the water. Fortunately, she herself did not expect from myself t With such a hurry and falling belly for a split second, she hesitated, giving me a chance to grab it with my hand. I was not at a loss! Putting a pike in a box I immediately ran in search of a judge so that I could release her as soon as possible, but the judge was somewhere at the other end After running about ten minutes, I returned to the place. The first count gave me 9 points and 37cm to the bigfish.

After a pause, the fish stopped biting. I went on and again found a great point. There was some kind of obstacle at the bottom, most likely a large stone. Immediately after hitting him, a bite followed. But unfortunately in that place there was still some twig, and when it was touched, the hook followed. With a # 0.06 cord, almost any hook is critical. I caught 11 more perch one by one, but after three breaks in a row I decided to leave this “Russian roulette”. At this moment, I was in second place with 20 points, the first novel with 23.

A futile search followed. No, perches sometimes skipped, but it was felt that I was missing the initiative. When I met the judge once again, it turned out that Roma was not slowing down and had already shot for 40 points, leaving behind the peloton of the pursuers. I could only hope for a big fish. All the same, scammers, who were sometimes caught by rivals in length, could not be compared with a pike, albeit small :]

The last hour I and Nizhny Novgorod microjigoviks spent at one end of the fishing zone, gathering in a small "bazaar". Yes, and there was something to talk about, basically fun of Roman, speculating where he found so many fish and how much the absence of a girl affects the training of mormyshinga posting :] I and Mikhail Zarubin were also caught by the scammer. Then he had a cut, and then another Mikhail, Tikhonov, suffered the same fate. I was lucky to catch a pike on a mormyshka only. It was lucky, in my opinion, the point here is not at all in skill. It was she who brought me 1 place in big fish. As expected, Roma took first place in terms of quantity, gaining 60 points. With such a handicap scored in the first two hours, he could easily spend the rest of the tour sunbathing on the beach :] The second has about forty points, I have 37 and the third result. Honestly, I'm pretty damn happy with the performance. All the same, I catch literally the third or fourth time in my life, and it was very pleasant to compete with other athletes.


Amanda K. Benson

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