Festival at Fish Ponds !!!

September 7 was a wonderful festival at Fish Ponds !!!

I post photoshoot from the competition into the album. I apologize if someone did not get into my frame.

My impressions – The competition was a success !!! Thanks to the organizers of the competition, Bolbit and Maxim Sheludkov. Everything went great! The ardor of passions went through the roof, but the strongest and sport still won! The main cup left the city for Pskov!

The first round was spectacular in capture and heat. Accounts 21-20, 17-16, etc. they said that with the stocking of the pond everything is fine … And then the labor struggle, where each fish was counted. The activity of trout fell and the skill of the participants to “persuade” the passive entered into force.

It should be noted Fish Ponds and their Restaurant for a delicious lunch. For supplements to the Finnish ear, many approached. Thanks to the chef !!! .. The results of the winners of the semi-finals in the photo.

It was "Big Hunt"! .. Someone was unlucky, but the strongest continued the fight !!! Passion grew in the struggle for prizes. Each capture was recorded to applause. Participants in the final were determined before the golden trout. Unfortunately, my friends did not manage to break into the top three, but I believe in them.

As a result, athletes from Pskov won with a simultaneous doublet. Deserved awards to the winners, applause and a collective photo of all participants !!!

To all participants – “No tail, no scales” !!!!

The first photos in the album

Author: Oleg Britov


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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