Feeder fishing for bream – feeding, feeders and tooling

Many fishermen just love to catch bream, as it is quite large and tasty fish that is found in flocks, in both lakes and rivers. In form, the body of bream broad and flattened, so as to distinguish it from other fish is not a problem. Well, in this article we will cover all aspects of feeder fishing for bream. By the way, bream can be effectively catching, and the ring.

The content of the article:

  • The lure for bream
  • The feeder for bream
  • Tips for catching bream
  • Snap-fishing for bream
  • Feeder fishing rod along with a trough to create quality fishing tackle for catching bream. The rest is in place and the technique of fishing. As to the first, from the selected location depends on the size of future fish. Aware of the fact that if the pond where you want to catch itself is small and lacks normal nutritional forage base, the fish in this reservoir will be small in size. Bream is growing quite long, two-year-old breams weighing only 30 grams, only 4-5 years, this type of fish is gaining weight at a pound. By the way on large lakes there, caught a giant bream, weighing up to 5 kg. So for big bream go for medium or large ponds, and a place of catching bream is better to choose a nearby underwater pits, oxbow lakes of the rivers, and in areas with a depth up to 5 meters. Looking for food fish is also coming out and in shallow water, but he does it only when it gets dark or even at night.

    Great period, fishing for bream, how to catch ASP is the period of time after spawning. This occurs most often from mid-June, or the beginning of August and last for this period of about a month. As for the time, the bream are biting, and the day at depth, and night – closer to the shallows.

    By the way, if a big fish takes a bite, only Rudd, carp, skimmers or small, then look at fishing on the picker. To know what is the Piker in this article.

    The lure for bream

    Before you throw gear into the water, you need a good bream lure. For this you need to prepare in advance a mixture of lure for bream, and to choose a strategy of bait. Although strategy, you need one choose the spot for future fishing, even more precisely, the point of the future of fishing, and it is this “point” and prikarmlivat. Otherwise, if you throw the bait over a large area of the pond, and the fish will be distributed across even larger area and this reduces the number of bites of your future.

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