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Winter fishing in Russia – a very common pastime. It’s fascinating, in addition, gives the opportunity to relax from the city fuss and to feel the unity with nature.

The content of the article:

  • What is a Jack for fishing?
  • What you will need for fishing this tackle?
  • As you know, over the years interest in this hobby is not lost, but only increases, this is why manufacturers of products for winter fishing are trying to produce the most effective kinds of equipment, allowing to carry out fishing as efficiently as possible and interesting. For example, quite a popular fishing method in the Jack.

    What is a Jack for fishing?

    The term “catching the devil” professionals understand one of the varieties of tackles, which is a great alternative to bezmetallny jigs in that case, if it is not possible to buy or make with their hands. The main difference from bezmetallny jig is that instead of the ordinary hook is used to a tee.

    The catching efficiency of this gear is due to its design features. In the General case, it consists of a tee and cargo. The last element is most often found in rounded or cylindrical shape. The tee may be connected to the load, and can be attached below it.

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