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It was a free day and thought for a long time where to go fishing for pike on wobblers, but I did not want to go to my favorite places. I decided to go somewhere where I hadn’t caught it yet, read the forums, looked at the maps in the vicinity and chose. There are channels connecting with lakes and the river, that is, there should be a lot of fish and there is a place for it to walk around, there are lakes with depths of 4-5 meters, but I won’t catch there, only twitching in the channels.

Arriving at the place, he had already decided on the route, gathered up the working spinning Aiko Rockies 206L and looked at the reservoir a little. It is immediately evident that the depths are approximately 2 meters and there is a lot of grass both under water and on the surface. So I will use wobblers with minimal depth and the main fighters will be surface baits.

At first I tried wobblers with a depth of 80 cm, but for a long time I could not catch it, algae, although not with a continuous carpet under water, and with such pillars I very often caught. Then he climbed into the box with the bait to choose some popper. He probably made postings 5 ​​and only then got the first bite on a small popper and it was striped, he already dug the bill well.

But there were no more bites, moved on, again trying popper and silence. Again busting, I have a walker who plays very colorful and creates very light bullets. Popper still gurgles more strongly and creates a spray. He put the walker and on the very first cast the pike came out, before that he tried the popper and there was no reaction to it and the walker came out, although it was not detected. No matter how I tried to catch it but it didn’t work out, I went over many baits. The next place and immediately start with a walker, and for good reason. He threw it under a reed in a shade and immediately a pike came out, it immediately became clear why it had not been detected for the first time, the size was kindergarten.

I’m changing place by place, there were a lot of exits, but if I didn’t catch it, I couldn’t get any bait. Apparently she’s all small and shy here, but she reacted almost immediately.

The perch was also caught on a walker, although it was 85 mm in size, and that interesting pike mostly came out of the reeds to attack, it was necessary to throw it almost into the reeds, but the perch left the depths. I could not catch for a long time, it started to rain and I had to run to the car so as not to get wet and then not get stuck on the roads.

Today, the Hatori volcano 85 mm long worked very well, it can be played both as a slow sweeping game and as an intensive one with a short amplitude, and a pike with a perch liked just a slow game. Exploration of the new reservoir took place, despite the rain, but I will definitely come here soon.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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