Equipment and tackle for catching roach on the first ice

Roach is a fairly common fish in most waters of our latitudes, and bite it all year round, unlike some other species of fish that make a break. Every kind of fishing has its own characteristics, including catching roach on the first ice.

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  • The choice of the place for catching roach. Why you should not sit near one hole
  • Optimal weather for catching roach on the first ice. Do I need sun?
  • Catching roach on basmatic on the first ice
    • Advantages bezmetallny fishing
  • Winter fishing for roach on a lure on first ice
  • Do I need a bait roach? What food is better, store – bought or made with your own hands?
  • Useful video

The choice of the place for catching roach. Why you should not sit near one hole

At the bottom of a roach behaves differently. On the first ice it starts to move actively in search of food. In small ponds flocks of small fish often are collected near the seaweed, coastal vegetation and other aquatic vegetation. Ie often roach is concentrated in areas with small depths. Large fish kept in small scattered schools, often leaving the depressions on the bottom.

The first time after the frosts roach can go in shallow bays. But if the frost holds, and the ice thickness increases, the fish goes to deeper places. Noticing flocks of fish is recommended as something to mark the place and lure the fish.

Because after the frosts roach begins very actively to move, that the fishing success will largely depend on the activity of the fisherman. Roaches need to actively look for drilling large number of holes. Drilled one to try it for 5-6 minutes, and then drilling another.

Some experienced anglers recommend to look for places with a smooth differential depths, and it is best to select a point in the middle of the slope of the bottom. On the most shallow and the deepest places it is better not to count. The optimum depth for catching roach on the first ice is considered to be 2-3 meters.

Large roach tries to avoid too lit places. In rivers it is kept under high steep banks, which, like a wall, close the water surface from the sun.

If the first frosts are accompanied by abundant snowfall, the ice turns transparent. The fish sees everything that happens on it, so it tends to go away when there are people. In this case you will need some ways of masking the ice.

Large roach does not like the noise. For fishing you need to choose those places where a little fishermen.

Optimal weather for catching roach on the first ice. Do I need sun?

Roach andctive bite on cloudy windless weather. It happens that there is a good bite with a little wet snow. Thaw raw – also a good time. It is not recommended to arrange fishing when severe frosts and sudden changes in atmospheric pressure . In this weather the fish dies, it becomes inactive. If the pressure is equalized, the roach begins to move more vigorously.

Catching roach on basmatic on the first ice
Advantages bezmetallny fishing

  • Big fish willing to bite it on bessatalk. Conventional tackle with impaled on the hook bloodworms are more focused on fishes of medium size.
  • If well chosen the tactics of the game bezmetallny of the jig often begins fish activity.
  • There is no need to waste time mounting the bloodworms.
  • Game lure is the search for the optimal variant, which makes fishing from a boring seat near the wells in quite fascinating and even the creative process.
  • Each participant of fishing is the ability to find your original and effective way of fishing.
  • Some experienced fishermen combine 2 traditional method of fishing small fry – above bezmetallny bait tie on a hook with a live head.
  • Also besttelki you can stick worms or maggots. In this case it already is not bizmathica. But fishing in this case is often much more successful and effective.

    Winter fishing for roach on a lure on first ice

    The main element of the set under is roach bait. The choice of lure depends on the conditions of fishing. In the absence of currents in shallow water, you can use the small baits. The greater the depth, the larger the size of the jig. In the process of catching the sharp end of the hook need to regularly undermine.

    The color of the lure depends on the amount of light level and light. If the depth is large and the weather is overcast (i.e. water, dark), the better suited light jig. If the sun is shining and the depth of small, light products are poorly visible in the water, so it’s best to use dark lures.

    Often used for fishing in the winter “ant”, “droplet”, “uruku”, “BB”, “osinka”, “helicopter”, “garland”. The color most often chosen in gray, black, black with white patches. Sometimes use the lure of bright colors. Some anglers take a fishing set of markersto go experimenting with the colors of the lures.

    There are many recommendations how to do the wiring jig. For example – suggest a new hole in the game a jig to start with smooth movements. Slowly lower, every 30-40 cm to hold to the illusion naturally sinks to the bottom of the feed. The suspension motion allows the fish to notice the bait. In addition, periodic stops give you the opportunity to know the approximate depth at which the fish.

    It often happens that the wiring jig from the top down gives you the results, and the usual enticing game fails. Experienced fishermen trying different ways.

    If the planning or step transaction is not successfull, then you can go fishing at the maximum depth (bottom). Put the jig right on the bottom, slightly moving her. Then lift it slightly up, then back down. Such movements create a simulation of a moving body, and reacting to this big fish.

    Another option wiring jig – gradual smooth rise with a simultaneous rocking motion. When lifting from time to time stop the lure. Roach — mobile fish can be very high. Raising the bait, do not rush immediately to lower it down.

    If there are any versions of the game with a jig to no avail, then you can try fixed position of the jig on the very bottom. Often, the roach responds specifically to standing in one place the bait. But the fish has to be noticed, have within a few minutes, slowly lift it, or even just to move.

    If the bite is there, it is better to pursue the option that produces results, but from time to time to punctuate it with other ways of movement of the jig.

    Experienced fishermen advised not to sit at a hole in one for a long time, if not biting, 5-10 minutes is sufficient. But a very good bite do not try to “crank up” one of the wells. When fishing for roach the search is important and a good pit is necessary to rest. During this time, you can search for other shoals of fish. On a good hole usually biting resumes after some time.

    To catch a roach without insert is very difficult. Angler must be in constant motion, constantly trying different ways and methods. For example, in active play with the bait in shallow water when the lure is moving very quickly, you may have a good fishing perch. But the roach on such manipulation does not react very readily.

    Roach, even large ones, may be at shallow depths. But it’s non-predatory fish, so fast-moving jig it a little attractive. A better option is measured rhythmic game with reasonable frequency.

    To play with the bait wore the most natural character, it is better to use a jig of small size. (Respectively – this option is relevant only for fishing shallow depths.)

    Best material for the jig for catching roach is not pure lead, and more lightweight alloy of lead and tin.

    Not always efficient fishing without a nozzle. Especially with highly changeable weather. In these moments, roaches are not very active, and she falls only in some local spots. Here game with jigs her can be daunting, so biting can permanently stop.

    On the first ice roach can be highly dispersed throughout the reservoir, especially if it has a flat uniform bottom. In this case it is better to lure fish and use of stationary fishing methods.

    Do I need a bait roach? What food is better, store – bought or made with your own hands?

    When fishing on the first ice bait may not always be effective, because fish are actively moving. But if the flock still came to the hole and immediately saw a feed pinch any of the mixture not be superfluous.

    If fishing is conducted in the place where the depth is not more than 2 metres and no current, the bait just throw the top hole in the pinches, often in small doses. If the depth is large and (or) a current, it is possible to use a cone feeder, revealing her at a distance of approximately 50 cm from the bottom.

    When fishing a jig bait is needed for hold discovered swarms of roaches. It usually applies a mix of universal feed with bloodworms. If fishing for roach prevents the ruff, the Joker from the mixture is removed, and thrown into the hole just food itself.

    Bait is not necessary to buy in the store, can be done at home. For example, it is made from a mixture of planning crackers and ground toasted sunflower seeds.

    Feed small moth is considered the most effective type of bait. But it you want very much. If bloodworms are not enough, some experienced fishermen use other options of feed.

    Mixed feed is the most common. They usually consist of a base (bloodworms, maggots, worms) and “skeleton” (ground dried bread, meal, bran).

    You can use and mix of industrial production.

    Important. For ice fishing it is not desirable to use a mixture designed for catching roach in the warm season. Such mixtures are saturated with flavors, which in winter can produce the opposite effect.
    Useful video

    Catching roach on the first ice in the video below:

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