Elegance is his middle name

Already on the eve of the end of the spawning ban on spinning fishing, waiting, he decided to summarize his acquaintance with the silicone bait, which always took the main role in trips to find the striped one. I will not conceal, the geometry of the bait is present in the lineup of many manufacturers, what Akkoi Elegant won my heart, I will tell you below.

Already by tradition, a few words from the manufacturer about the declared characteristics of silicone. Akkoi Elegant has an elongated body shape with some notches or grooves, thanks to which, not without the help of jerks with a rod, a natural animation is created at the bottom, imitating a feeding fingerlings of a fingerling year. With a length of 50 millimeters, the weight of the bait is half a gram. There is where to take a walk, choosing and choosing under the pond and / or fishing conditions color options – 13 color schemes.

Initially, in the box with the lures there were 2 Elegant colors, swamp green and dark purple, or according to the D052 and D042 catalog, which would be more correct to voice, as everyone has a different color perception. In the spring, a package arrived in which there was a black worm with sparkles, but I rarely used it, so it would be more correct to focus on the first two, but I assure you that it will also flash in the reports. If you focus on the preferences of the perch to the color palette, it is worth noting that the swamp-green color bites were in any weather in any light, dark purple, on the contrary, showed itself better in the sunny. So if you doubt the choice of color when buying, then start with D052, I advise.

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The main fish to rely on when fishing on Akkoi Elegant is of course perch. It is usually striped from 10 to 300 grams in weight, at least they didn’t bite me anymore, and to be realistic, they were most likely absent from fishing spots. Passive perch, if once tasted silicone, then in most cases with a greater appetite chewed repeatedly. It was sometimes surprising how 50 millimeter silicone completely swallowed 10 centimeter perch.

If you touch on the topic of survivability of the bait, then one fact remains incomprehensible to me. The fact is that the tail of dark purple was bitten off at times more often than that of the green-swamp, and sometimes Akkoi Elegant literally lived only one cast. Initially, I sinned on hooks, and to be more precise, the repeated puncture place in the body of the bait from removing silicone from the hook and changing it to another, but with a different color did the same thing, a paradox.

As a bonus for a year of fishing at Elegant, two pikes were caught for a little 1.5 kilograms in weight, which delivered a bunch of emotions and emotions. But there was nothing to worry about, because the Akkoi MASK Shadow 0.17 flucarbon is not designed for such fish, a snack is inevitable. But I was lucky, and the fish, safely for me, are posing on the phone’s camera. No matter how hard I tried, I have not yet caught other types of fish, but nothing, as I said above, the main fish that you should count on is my favorite perch.

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Summarizing this story, I consider it important to emphasize that the TM Akkoi Elegant worm has taken the lead in the fight for first place in my TOP of used micro-jig baits, will we find out whether it will keep its place in the 2020 season, since there are a lot of new products in the box, All LFN, Regards Sergey Egoist.