Dusai, October, part 2.

For about a week, we were picking up Andrey’s days off to go fishing, but now his schedule was changed and despite the gusts of wind we rush to Dusai, because there is almost always a place to hide from the wind. We pumped up the boat, collected the spinning rods and set off. The target was the same as the day before: perch, pike and pike perch. Cool sunrises in autumn, stop to take pictures and check out striped.

Reservoir reports: Dusai, October, part 2.

There is no perch, it is strange where this bully stands. We find the linen right away, because for this we don’t even need an echo sounder, it stands like a wall and leaves a small thickened snot and a scoundrel on the cord. Several tosses and the first perch, followed by the second and third. We are not satisfied with the size and we are shifting.

Reservoir reports: Dusai, October, part 2.

Again the jabs of a small perch, already at the exhaustion of the boat a powerful blow and the struggle began, Azura Kenshin New extinguishes the jerks, but the friction clutch even started to sing a little. Despite the size, the small asp resisted with dignity – a rare guest on the microjig.

Reservoir reports: Dusai, October, part 2.

A strong and cold wind drives us away from the point. Isn’t there a reason to check how the pike perch is there and at the same time have a snack without rocking in the boat ?! In my opinion, it could not be better. Usually at this time there are a lot of little things in the pits on the bends, is the water really still warm, I thought. A few bites and the first fangstick. Then a series of hooks and bandages began, which made the situation very heated. Another snack and in search of pike.

Reservoir reports: Dusai, October, part 2.

The wind drove us to look for the reeds near the coast, because here it is much more pleasant and warmer. An hour of rinsing the baits wasted. I put Hori 100 and almost immediately the first pike is a little over 2.7kg. The experiments gave nothing and after half an hour we went to check the perch that came out after lunch when we were with Nikolai.

Reservoir reports: Dusai, October, part 2.

Striped in place, stands and eats actively. It’s a pity the size is not the one you want, but there is no individual 250-350 grams still slipped. Andrey caught some good ones even with iron and plastic, but I caught 60-70 mm with silicone.

The weather improved, the wind almost died down and it became warm, but despite this we decided to finish fishing and went to the shore. Where to go next time? This issue is being discussed, but for now everyone NCHNKh with respect Sergey Egoist.

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