Dusai, October, denouement.

Where are we going? Wherever you say there and let’s go! Usually, this is how the dialogue develops when it comes to fishing, the only difference is that this time I added: “except for Pervomaika.” October this year is cool, like the second Indian summer, even at half past four in the morning, it is relatively warm, but in order not to get cold, it is better, of course, to wear or take with you a winter jacket just in case.

Reports from reservoirs: Dusay, October, junction.

Reports from reservoirs: Dusay, October, junction.

Well, we are back in Dusai Kichu. There is nothing new in tactics and action plan, except to expand the boundaries of the predator search. The first points, the first striped, of which there are several individuals of 250-350 grams, but it is also pleasant to catch them on the Azura Kenshin New “stick”, but where is the perch larger ?! The absence of pike bites and fatty perches made it go into the reeds where the pike perch lives.

Reports from reservoirs: Dusay, October, junction.

We checked the old places, looked for new ones, but in the end they were inedible-sized pike perch and bersh, which were even too lazy to photograph before letting go. There are a lot of little things in the echo sounder, we get up, throws, but we do not see contacts with the predator, and so on almost every stop. In order not to fall asleep out of boredom, we periodically catch a perch, which today responds well to LureMax Esmeralda.

Reports from reservoirs: Dusay, October, junction.

Andrey proposes 3 times to leave the next point, but the fishing presentiment makes him stay still. I give him my transparent silicone so that he is forgotten and does not remind him of changing his place. And now the rod in an arc, Andrey was even a little confused, but everything worked out and the pike he caught was 3.5 kg in a landing net.

Reports from reservoirs: Dusay, October, junction.

Another 20 minutes of empty rinsing of the baits, and we decided to finish fishing and headed to the car, a little envious of those who stay overnight. Or maybe we should go again with an overnight stay? The weather will show plans for the weekend, but for now Everyone, with respect, Sergey Egoist.

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