Dreams come true, or ultralight carp on mormyshka

Another spring morning at the city pond. An unprecedented number of feeder-hunters on the shore found a quick explanation: according to the regulars, yesterday the crucian carp was foolish, and the most fortunate left with a catch of 13 kg, which was not bad, considering its average weight in this reservoir in the region of three hundred grams. However, today everything looked completely, but vice versa: the lack of movement of the bait and no hint of bite from lovers of the feeder.

We settle down with the wife from the edge of the crowd to an empty seat. Immediately another fisherman lands from the right side. When setting up gear, I try to explain to him what I'm going to catch here. To which he replies: "I'm on the float, do not interfere?". Oh well, a floater is not a hindrance! It turns out that in reality it is a float for long casting … Spinning castings have to be made between the feeder, each time trying to get closer and closer to me and the masterfully thrown float, plentifully fed by hail from bait balls.

As it turned out, the perch brethren on the drum is a crucian stupor. Rare wiring mormyshka 0.6 gr. don't bring fish. So an hour flies by unnoticed. Pokolevok less and less, I turn to two-gram microjig. Well, it is, the fish is far away. And again, funny biting and busting nozzles. When else, if not in such a perching activity, check the catchability of various silicone baits. Some are ignored, especially light green, however, as in all ponds. Others, those that are larger, the fish peels and falls several times for posting, the third bite off the tails. The hook seems to be normal. A trifle attacks, but occasionally quite normal minke whips through as well. While talking on the phone, I see the backs of the guys from the Ultralight Phishing Club who passed me, they get further down the coast. They didn’t find out.


There are a lot of pecks, many gatherings, but there are also captures. The guys are doing, apparently, not so much fun. Soon, Denis is pulling up. We catch, we talk. My turn comes to Tiogi two inches in engine oil. Immediately visited by the thought of a metal leash. After all, even at the last fishing trip, at about the same place, I had a pike cut on it. Yes, okay, too lazy to go to the bag, standing in the water; and local aborigines say there is almost no spotty here. Bites, here's another sharp poke, and the cord sagged. Oh no! I inspect the tackle, and it is: the leash from the fishing line is evenly cut, and on the edge of the notch. How is it that I told myself last time not to catch here without a leash, that’s what I was punished again! Well, pike chase me in all the waters. Once again, the thinnest wire is in a snap, and this does not scare the perch at all. Bites are not uncommon, and it pleases. Gennady approaches, and now the three of us are ironing a narrow corridor.

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I decide to check out another promising place, and move further along the shore to the right. You have to wait for the bites, but the perch is not bad. Tioga knows his job. A dozen more were raised, and then only pokes and gatherings. At such moments, you begin to sin on your rig, and you have to change something. I watch from afar how Gena displays excellent crucian for microjig. Here you have the lack of fish, gentlemen, feederists! And mikruha then works as it should! A couple of times, right in front of me, some large fish turn up on the surface, breaking the water surface in divergent circles. I notice that the bites are no longer on the ejection, but at close range. And in the back, already slightly, with a light breeze, blows the breeze from where the breeze came from, so helping casting. When, if not now, decrease in tooling weight.

Some unknown force makes me sharply curl microjig and attach a mormyshka. On a hook again favorite Katyusha from the Russian Federation in swamp color. The casting, the second, the hooking, and the friction clutch of Soara are already strainingly buzzing after the fish, which is rapidly moving away from me. Crucian? But no, assumptions are quickly rejected. Thrust thoughts aloud, what to do? But gradually the fish managed to stop and turn around, already not bad. How far she is from me! Eyes squint at the supply of cord on the spool, because in use it is already the third season. And the cord does not turn it into a full-fledged language. Yes, there’s a bit of margin at all. Another jerk as powerful as the initial one – and then goodbye, an unknown fish!

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Tug of war continues with varying success. About the strength of Hearty Rise 692 Rock * n * Forse 0.5-5 gr. there was not a shadow of doubt, I didn’t even think. There was a realization that the chances of a favorable outcome of the fight were very small: the snap was the thinnest and most delicate Nanofil 0.02 and 30-centimeter lead from the fishing line 0.093 Sufix Super Fine, connected on a carrot knot, and both of them had a gap of about 900 grams.

And behind his back the lads from the ultralighters are giving advice: “Take your time! Keep tiring until he gets tired! (thought carp). Do not touch the friction clutch, everything is set correctly! Seryoga, everything will turn out! ” And all this was said quietly and so appropriately that I felt their empathy, and more and more hope and tranquility infused me.

Show yourself, show yourself please! Here are the first passages below the surface of the water. The golden side and red fins flicker in the sun, everything is clearly visible in the polariki. Carp! Drop out loud: Well, how long have I been waiting for you! Someone expresses an idea about a landing net, and the wife goes to look for him at the feeders. Time in such minutes lasts a long time. The camera, as luck would have it, dumbed at the most inopportune moment due to the charging cable, and did not allow to capture the whole process. Cord selection, my fish suspenders. Who will win? Obviously, this is not the frantic carp that in the summer would have instantly crushed my finest rigging with one jerk into the abyss. Just slowly rushing, crushing its mass, that's all. But even recently recently caught crucian, well, just fiercely worn on the hook. Most likely, the water for him is still cold.

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The guys advised to give him a gulp of air, which seemed to me a dubious event: by analogy with a bream, such a well-fed strong fellow on one’s side is unlikely to fall over and go like a shovel on the surface of the water .. For some time I manage to do it, but I won’t tell that he became more malleable. I decide, finally, to start trying to pull it out. That crucial moment when the fish often shy away from the shore ahead. Sazan, apparently, was very tired, and with smooth pulls he was safely aground, where he was cleverly picked up by Andrei, who had long been standing in the water in readiness to accept the trophy. So, and landing net was not needed!

This is victory! Emotions overwhelmed! Tackle withstood with dignity. Scales show 1535 grams. One of the guys in the water accurately determined his weight. With difficulty, not without the help of an instrument, I remove the hook of the mormyshka from the fleshy upper lip of the fish.

I must say, just a couple of days ago I spoke to my colleagues how I dream to ride a carp or carp on a hook. To hold it at least, since, in their opinion and experience, the percentage to hit and withdraw their ultralight gear is very small. And then, such a fortune! Not a pig, of course, not all the same.

Of course, it would be ideal to let the fish go, but I did not argue with my wife, who doesn’t always share my principle “Caught – let go!” in closed reservoirs such as lakes and ponds. And by the way, when she is fishing with me, I often have luck.

Friends, I want to thank everyone for their wise advice, empathy and support at the stage of drinking. All good, trophies and indescribable emotions when fishing.

Sincerely, Sergey Sidorov.