DIY oil change pump

Hello everyone!

I want to share the ideas of making a homemade pump to replace the oil in the gearbox of our PLM. The slogan of this homemade product is “Everything ingenious is simple”! This pump is collected literally from the “garbage”.

For our pump, we need an empty dispenser for liquid soap, a hose length D ~ 6-8 mm, a dispenser for a bottle of “liquid nails” or something similar (I don’t even remember what I have this dispenser for), and, of course, electrical tape, where without it)

In my case, the dispenser for liquid soap has an irregular “nose” shape. We need a nozzle shape under our hose, so it needs to be modified with a clerical knife. We slightly cut the spout of the dispenser under the diameter of the hose.

If your diameters do not match a bit, it’s okay, you can use a cable tie and tighten the hose on the hose with a hose clamp. In my case, everything coincided almost perfectly!

So, after we have adjusted the diameter of the nozzle under the hose, we need to make a collar on the nozzle so that the hose does not slip, gently melt the edge of the nozzle above the flame.

Now you can put our hose on the nozzle, if necessary, fix it with a hose clamp. My village is already “like home”! On the other side of the hose it is necessary to put on a conical dispenser against “liquid nails”. We cut the cone itself and insert the hose as tightly as possible, then fix it with electrical tape.

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We also make several turns of electrical tape along the edge of the dispenser and drive it into the oil filler neck in the likeness of threading with a lerka. The thread is perfectly cut on the electrical tape. The electrical tape also serves as a sealing gasket. If you have a suitable handle, you can thread on the plastic dispenser itself, in which case you can not use electrical tape.

Actually that’s all, our pump for replacing oil in the PM gearbox is completely ready! Now you can add oil to it and pump it into the gearbox!

This dispenser dispenses about 15 ml of liquid in one click, so it takes only 15-20 pulls of the trigger to completely fill the gearbox with low-power plm. With such a pump, changing the oil in the gearbox is a pleasure! I screwed our dispenser into the oil filler neck, filled the gearbox with oil, gently twisted the upper control neck, and then unscrewed the dispenser and twisted the lower neck! With all this, I practically didn’t get my hands dirty) Do not frantically hold the tube with oil and the other hand with one hand, rushing to tighten the upper “control”, everything can be done without rushing and with free hands. A very useful thing, I recommend it to everyone.