Dear treasured bite

Everyone complained of rains and coolness, now the heat has come, get it and sign it. But how else, the summer should be sultry and not be dissatisfied with any weather. For this reason, now all fishing is tied strictly to morning dawn and evening sunset, it is almost impossible to get to the exit of a predator during the day in the midst of the sun. It is as passive as possible and keeps to local binding. Therefore, today’s access to the reservoir is short-term, in the evening pleasant chill.

Nature blooms in the truest sense of the word. An abundance of forest birds and dozens of diverse songs surround from all sides. Around is green, a light breeze blows. A fresh wave rises from a passing boat. The atmosphere is complete relaxation.

Despite all its natural beauty, pike activity has noticeably decreased; there are extremely few predator exits on the river. With the feed base now there are no problems at all, production is teeming everywhere for every taste. Nevertheless, the hope of catching at least one toothy somewhere lurks somewhere. Water in reservoirs, in particular on the river, has already warmed up to the optimum for the beach season.

Reports from ponds: Expensive treasured bite

There is an opinion that during the summertime when fishing for pike it is worth decreasing in terms of erection. So yes, on this day this theory was a sure salvation from lack of bite. A variety of small twisters and vibratory tails of the type Intech Turborib and Intech Long Heel in a minimum size of 2 inches are best suited. When fishing in deep areas, I resort to using the lightest possible loads to achieve a smooth soaring of the bait in the water column. It is at such moments that bites of a passive or well-fed pike occur.


Reports from ponds: Expensive treasured bite

After a couple of hours of efforts, one of the few pikes was able to persuade for a distinct bite. Let the fish be alone and it is labor, but it is in the classification – this is the main thing.

Reports from ponds: Expensive treasured bite

The next fishing is planned perch and in the early morning. Already noticed one good little beach, where he saw powerful boilers of striped robbers.

Catch it in pleasure.