dawn on the river

Dawn … The early summer dawn. The spectacle is available only to those who, seeing off the night, so waited for the morning. Nature literally fills everything around with colors. And the halo of the solar corona, like a street artist, paints an unbroken sky with bright warm tones. At these moments, life, as it were, freezes for a second, in the very next instant to give us a new unforgettable day, filled with the most positive emotions and unforgettable adventures. It is at this moment, here and now, under the first rays of the morning sun, that I share the priceless moment of eternity called life.

Water Reports: Dawn on the River

Many years have passed since the time when, as a boy of about six years old, my grandfather and I went on foot at night to meet the dawn on the river bank with a fishing rod in our hands. I remember that cool night, changing warm warm soft fog over the river. And today, breathing in the morning air, here on the river, as if streaking through the years …. Not any problems, parks at work and everyday troubles. Just like that happy six year old kid going fishing with his grandfather.

A sip of morning coffee on the river, returns to reality …

Water Reports: Dawn on the River

The gears are assembled, the engine is warm, and the next step in fishing adventures is taken. Having reached the first point, I drop the anchor and after checking the tightening of the friction brake, I make the first cast. The place is significant … this is a sharp dump a meter in depth with the strengthening of the current after the sand spit. Always opening a box with baits, you already know about what kind of bauble suits a particular fishing spot. But the fish … The fish is so unpredictable, if there is no bite, then at least you crack … But this is a wonderful fishing … good tackle and correctly selected bait give us only more confidence in the bite. Every time throwing a "Big River", I, as if plunging with it, walked tightly with the bottom on a slow drift. Every time … every … A powerful bite broke the similar state of meditation … Cutting. … And the heart began to beat in a different rhythm. … Every angler knows this moment, for the sake of such moments we spend days on the water, then remembering them for a long time. Calmness and possession of emotions in the process of fighting is the main thing. And how the success of the implemented chum bite turns out to be in the net of the undergrowth. Fuh … exhale, and now you can take a breath … it was unforgettable …

Water Reports: Dawn on the River

Water Reports: Dawn on the River

Gently freeing the fish, trying not to damage it, I return it to my native element. The spawning course of salmon, I interrupt only a few minutes of photographing over water. With each capture, there is growing confidence in the correctness of their actions in the pond, thereby positively reinforcing experimentation with baits and ways to feed them. Another cup of coffee, and again look for the keys to a secret called bite. The change of places and the selection of ways to seduce the silver corsairs took almost fishing. Not noticing the passage of time, a meal had already passed and the day was approaching in the evening. I saw the chum course, and again sent lures to the area of ​​fish bursts … But everything was in vain … The morning capture of a weighty female gave only a few answers to many questions. How hard the path from casting to bite is sometimes difficult, and the pleasure received from it cannot be measured in numbers or kilograms. Just one realized bite given by the river in the early morning replaced all the fish I caught the other day … The more interesting the path to the bite, the more desirable your catch will be. And let the wishes come true! Come visit and see you at the ponds. No tail, no scales to everyone !!!

Water Reports: Dawn on the River


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