Crucian carp of the Tsimlyansk Sea. Part 2

Crucian carp of the Tsimlyansk Sea. Part 2

“Reed” crucian

Two rods are put in the boat after the bait. Why two? Just in case. There have been cases of breakage of the fishing rod by large fish, and it is a pity to leave a lured place. Next box with gear. Netting, cage, a can of worms. You can, of course, take dough, corn, pearl barley with you, but I prefer dung worms. I check the availability of drinking water in the boat. Now forward! We dig into the reed massif. We select barely noticeable passages and push forward. The main thing here is not to stumble upon a cut reed. If you have a rubber boat, then you need to move very slowly. It is better to remove the oars from the oarlocks and use one, as in a canoe. Here is the first glade – a lake, the second. Having chosen another open place, we become. Have to catch under the reeds. First “bomb”, i.e. we feed. But just a little, 3-4 balls in the place of fishing.

We collect gear. Determined with depth. It is best to use a depth gauge. To catch crucian, it is necessary that the bait lay at the bottom. By setting the float in the depth gauge, increase the depth by 5-10 centimeters so that the load does not touch the bottom. That seems to be all. You can begin to eat. We are comfortable on boats. The less fuss, the larger the fish. Checked. 9 am. Karasevoe time. I make the first cast. After a second, the float abruptly goes under water. No, this is not crucian. This 200 gram perch eagerly grabbed the worm. Let go of the striped. And again the wait. The float finely twitches, floats to the side. This little thing is playing with a big worm. After a while, the float subsides. Big fish came up. And here is the classic! Having jumped a couple of times, the float, recessed, goes sideways. Cutting – and the rod bends under the pressure of a strong fish.

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After a short struggle, a half-kilogram crucian is gilded by the belly of the boat. I summarize the nets, and the first handsome man in the cage. Comrade is not far behind. In excitement, you do not notice the scorching sun, itchy mosquitoes, stuffiness and sweat flowing over the body. Again the voyka-vstanka danced the float. No, an exposure is needed here. There may be several such approaches. You need to wait until the float leads down and to the side. But what is it? The float falls out of the water and lays down. I’m hooking. This is not a crucian. The fish does not pull in reeds, but towards the middle of the “pond”. And there is. Large scavenger. Rarity at this time of year and in this place. Enough admiring the trophy, let go. It’s a pity, of course, but it is impossible to bring this fish to the house in the June heat. Unless in the refrigerator. But nothing, wait until the fall. Let the fat go on. Oh, and the dried-up Tsimlyansk bream is delicious.

I plant a fresh worm. Bites follow regularly, but infrequently. Apparently, the struggle with fish caught temporarily scares the rest. Nothing, wait. Here the float begins to slowly sink. This is clearly not a fish. Cancer crawled into the bait and feasted on the worm. Let’s look further. If you find yourself in a dog’s place, it’s better to change it. In the morning and afternoon, in hot weather, this happens infrequently. But in the evening, and even when it is cloudy, it can ruin the pleasure of fishing.

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Here the float without any preparation briskly ran along the surface of the water. I make a sharp cut from surprise. A strong sharp poke, and I tumble cursing aboard the boat. Probably a large carp. I reassure myself that I did not have to fight long, scaring away the fish. But my hands are shaking when I change the leash. Because of the reeds I hear the cry of a comrade. He managed to take a carp for 2 kilograms. It’s good. In the evening, bake in foil at the stake.

The clock exceeded noon. The sun burns with might and main. 2/3 of the water supply was gone. It becomes unbearably stuffy. The wall of reeds prevents even a slight breeze from breaking through. I am collecting gear. With difficulty I pull out the cage. More than a dozen crucians from 500 to 800 grams. Nice catch for June. The comrade boasts of a frying pan, obviously per kilogram and carp. Now to the shore. Rest, lunch, afternoon nap hours until 4 pm, and again in the melt.

And it ends

Evening fishing is not much different from morning fishing. True, the opportunity to catch carp is increasing. We get to the old, in the morning lured places. We produce starter feeding with 4-5 balls. And again, the expectation of a bite, the fight against the nest and mosquitoes, the joy of the caught fish. By 8 o’clock in the evening, the carp bite stops. There is such a feature in crucian carp. The sun is slowly sliding down the reeds. The heat subsides. You can, of course, still sit, hoping for a bite of a large carp, but fatigue takes its toll. Yes, and it’s difficult to fight it when you are limited in space both in depth and in breadth. It’s time to come back. We shift the caught fish into large cages fixed away from the coast. This is a prerequisite. Otherwise, the fish cannot be saved. Now you can start cooking goodies for dinner.

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It should be noted that in these places a big problem is to build a fire. Therefore, it is best to take some firewood, charcoal, and kindling fluid with you. And if you like culinary delights, then you must have a stove or a gas stove. We clean the fish, add salt and leave for an hour to salt. Coal kettle is already puffing. The heat subsides, you can start cooking dinner. We spread the fish on a foil, fill the inside with onions and carrots, pepper and pour mayonnaise. Wrap tightly. Now we rake the coals, put the fish wrapped in foil on the hot ground and sprinkle with the coals. After 20 minutes, the dish is ready. Simple and delicious.

I’d like to grab the morning dawn, but it’s time to go home. We tear the juicy grass, put the fish in a canvas bag and cover it with grass. Only in this way we will bring to the house. You must leave early in the morning, before the sun rises, or in the evening, when it is already setting. We leave in the morning, in the chill. Still, 3 hours. Goodbye, crucian! Hope to see you soon.