Crucian carp of the Tsimlyansk Sea. Part 1

Crucian carp of the Tsimlyansk Sea. Part 1Ask any angler about crucian carp and get many unflattering reviews. As they just do not call him names: “hybrid”, “dushman”, “buffalo”, etc. Each locality has its own name. But before the beginning of the 70s of the last century, few knew about the existence of this fish. Intensive distribution of common silver crucian carp across the reservoirs of Europe occurred as a result of targeted breeding in pond farms. And he got divorced! .. He filled not only lake ponds, but also rivers, displacing more valuable fish species from the catches. But, I think, men’s soul-mate. Fight strong fish – what could be more interesting for a real fisherman!

Finally, the long-awaited June, the end of the two-month spawning ban. So, next weekend you can come off on the Tsimlyansk crucian carp. I’m calling a bosom buddy, also a lover of carp fishing. What talk can be! We agree on Friday, after a hard week, to go to our favorite places in the Tsimlyansk Sea. On Thursday we prepare gear, equipment, bait, load the car. Friday! Head spinning with anticipation of glorious fishing. Forward, forward, to the haze of fish soup, a scattering of stars in the night southern sky and, of course, to stories and tales by the fishing bonfire. Don don steppes with rare herds of cows and flocks of sheep, already managed to burn out, pass by. Dry hot air bursts into the open windows of the car, smelling like wormwood, manure and something inexplicably heady.

And here is the traffic police post on the border of the Rostov and Volgograd regions. Half way behind. The traditional verification of documents, the wish of a happy journey and successful fishing. No, we are not going to interfere with Volgograd fishermen. Our way to the mouth of the Rossosh River, which flows into the Tsimlyansk Sea in the village of Novotsimlyanskaya. Ten kilometers from the village on the road, and we are there. The terrain is open. Several willows on the shore, dumbly dipped branches into the water. To the right is the expanse of the bay, to the left are reed floodplains. So we need them. We select a parking place, quickly put up a tent. Another hour, and the sun dives into the steppe. Southern night comes quickly, but we still need to catch fish for fish soup.


Rescue feeder

Quickly stir the bait, adjust the feeder. It must be said that the English bottom fishing rod – feeder, which recently entered the arsenal of Russian fishermen, has not yet received wide distribution in the Rostov Region. Probably, the relative high cost of even budget rods and the small amount of information in fishing publications are affecting. Although from my own experience I can say that this is a pretty catching tackle. In these places of the Tsimlyansk reservoir it is shallow, so distant castings must be made. Since the place is familiar, we immediately proceed to the starting feeding 60 meters from the coast. Having made a dozen casts with a large feeder feeder, we put 30 grams and tie the leashes. I took maggot with me, a friend is planting a worm. Now the fun begins. A smooth swing from behind, acceleration, and bait flew into the water. After the feeding of the feeder, we reel the reel a little and alert the sensitive nod.

The current is practically absent, so we have feeders parallel to the shore. After a few seconds, a friend’s nod bends sharply by 90 degrees. Easy hooking – and he is already fishing for the first commodity perch. Immediately, I have a cautious twitch of a nod, then a sharp bite. Large hustler furiously resists in shallow water. Gently bring the swap net. Good copy! But now the conversation is not about the feeder. We came to catch crucian carp. Time until complete darkness flies by. Satisfied, having knocked down the first fishing passion, we turn tackle under the light of flashlights. We consider the catch. Perch, ram, silver bream, several medium-sized carp. Having selected for the fish soup, we release the rest of the fish back home. And now the fire is burning under the boiler, supplies are laid out on the table, and the first toast for fishing, and the ear is fat, rich, with smoke. No, after all, fishing without a bonfire, without comrades close in passion, fishing tales is a trade. We are not in a hurry. With pleasure sipping red Tsimlyansky wine, for the hundredth time we tell each other episodes of fishing life, old jokes. And it’s interesting!

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What and what are we catching

We wake up when the sun is about to jump out from the reeds. We will have breakfast with an evening ear, pump up the boats, collect the belongings in the car. Wearing white long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, we lower the boats into the water. Cakes already good. Without such uniforms and half an hour, you can’t sit under the scorching sun. Of course, from the outside it may seem that such an “outlet” outfit, to put it mildly, is not suitable for fishing. We are used to seeing on TV or in fisherman magazines in camouflage ammunition, in vests, boots, etc. I have no doubt that in the arsenals of the leading fishing companies there are clothes for the hot southern sun. But, unfortunately, 80% of Russian amateur anglers cannot afford such equipment. And this does not bother them at all. They catch fish no worse than foreign colleagues.

Now two words about gear, bait and bait. The bait, based on which is boiled millet with flakes (sunflower meal), mixed with clay and rolled into balls. Although we are going to catch in warm water and at shallow depths, it is better to make the bait viscous. Otherwise, a small hodgepodge with a roach will spoil the fishing with its “machine-gun” bite. There are many bait options for crucian carp. This is pearl barley, and corn, and compound feeds, and pasta, and pieces of cake. All this is scattered in bulk, in small portions in the fishing zone. In my opinion, overfeeding is impossible. But I prefer the viscous bait in the balls. At shallow depths in fairly clear water, it is better to make noise once and produce spot feeding. You can use all kinds of fruit flavors, but at the stage of cooking millet with makukha, I add a handful of roasted peanuts, ground in a coffee grinder.

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Of the gears, a 4-meter float fishing rod with a rather heavy float is used – up to 2 grams. You need to quickly deliver the bait to the bottom. My friend and I love fly fishing rods. A fly fishing rod is a fishing rod without rings, with a dull snap. Nowadays, Bologna rods with wire rings and a reel are very popular among anglers. Of course, with such a rod it is much more convenient to catch large fish, make long casts and wiring. But in cramped conditions, surrounded by reeds, it is inconvenient to catch such a fishing rod. Yes, and crucibles have to be fought out by force. He gave a little slack – and he is in the reeds. Therefore, the fishing rod must use a powerful, main fishing line 0.20.25 mm and a leash 0.16-0.18 mm. But the big hook is not needed. Enough number 10-12 (on an international scale), but very durable, with a short forearm. As for the float, the only condition is that it squishes less when casting. I use spindle-shaped balsa floats with standard loading – one load of the “olive” or “grains” type, corresponding to the load capacity of the float, and a small reserve.