Copper spinners in 5 minutes. Blue vitriol and a battery. Brief instruction

If you have a silver spinner lying around at home, then I suggest you conduct an experiment with it and get a copper spinner. The experience is called – copper plating at home!

Don’t be alarmed, for hadron hadn’t colliders or super knowledge of chemistry are needed … The list of what is needed for the experiment is here:

Glass container. Jar, glass, vaseCopper vitriol – gram 30. You can buy in a store for gardenersCopper wire with two cores. 30-40 centimeters A piece of copper. You can strip the old wire from insulation.

Step-by-step instruction. Copper spinners at home

And now to the process. I repeat, there is nothing complicated. It is possible, by the way, to slow down both baubles and mormyshki … Yes, even a jig head!

The first is preparation. Vitriol is poured into the container that was chosen. It is filled in with water (distilled). Proportions: 30 grams of vitriol – 60 grams of water. Stir with a wooden stick. We fasten one of the wires of the wire to the spinner.

But the second wire is screwed to our copper billet, which was pre-selected. Let me remind you, this is either a plate or a crumpled piece of wire.

Next, step number 2 – drop in a container with vitriol and spinner and a piece of copper. The main thing is not to touch. We fix it. We connect the battery to our shaitan machine.

Plus – to a piece of copper; Minus – to a spinner

We are waiting for 5 minutes, no more, and turn off the "electricity". We get the craft and voila – the bait has now become copper!

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Let me remind you that this can be done with mormyshki and with hooks, and even with cheburashka, if anyone is impatient.

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