Congratulation of the Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery on the Day of Russian Fish Protection

Dear friends, colleagues!

April 7, we celebrate the 86th anniversary of the establishment of state bodies of fish conservation in Russia.

Fish protection is a round-the-clock service at the forefront. The fight against poachers. Protection of our biological resources, as well as the interests of conscientious fishermen.

First of all, I would like to mention the work of rank-and-file inspectors, whose work we are rightly proud of. We highly appreciate you as principled and courageous professionals, we keep the memory of the Fish Guard employees who died in the line of duty.

About 25 million Russian amateur fishermen, who today have the opportunity to devote their leisure time to their favorite pastime, are sure to join my congratulations.

Also on this day, it should be noted the staff of Glavrybvod, which performs the most difficult tasks of preserving and reproducing the country's aquatic biological resources.

I sincerely congratulate freelance community inspectors who provide invaluable assistance in saving and increasing our natural wealth for future generations.

The importance of the activities of the fish conservation authorities today is as high as ever. Therefore, we will make every effort so that you can continue to fulfill your duties, getting a decent reward for your work, to be technically and financially equipped.

Thank you for the dedicated service of the country, for the preservation of the glorious traditions of Fish Protection!

I heartily congratulate you on the holiday! I wish you good health, well-being in families and professional success!

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation – Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries I.V. SHESTAKOV.

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