Closing the season of liquid water. Fishing for pike in autumn.

Probably the season is closed, I managed to go fishing with a friend, as it turned out, on the last warm day of autumn.

Air temperature + 10, there is no strong wind, no precipitation. At the very beginning of our journey to the place of fishing, all the way we were accompanied by a thick fog, which dissipated only at the eleventh hour.

And again we went to the lake, which at the beginning of the season was not known to me. This year this lake has shown itself excellently, there are a lot of fish, there are few people, the conditions for fishing are a little harder and not comfortable, there is a lot of grass and stranded. Most of the fish live in one place, where we went. I wanted to know the presence of pike and other fish at the end of the season. In Yamal and in the immediate districts of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the end of September is late autumn.

Surprisingly, the water level in the lake is lower than in July. Even in the summer, it turned out well to maneuver in narrow channels.

The first casts, as in the summer, showed that there is fish here, but not in such quantity as in summer. It has become smaller, peat and grass constantly cling to the spoon. This season, the wobbling spoon showed itself excellently here, so I did not experiment with tackles, in especially small and grassy places I threw a frog, there were exits to it, but not one was not implemented.

One pike especially pleased with its struggle.

Large pike are rarely found in these feeding lakes; personally, I fish larger than 2 kg on them. have not caught it yet.

After fishing for two hours, we caught five edible pikes from the other and decided to ride on the lake in search of a predator. We swam for two hours on the lake, there were many places in which there could be pike, but there was no fish, since the lake is very shallow, there must have been fish there in the summer, but now it has gone to deeper areas or even descended into the river.

We decided to go back to the channel, and this time it was not in vain, the first couple of casts and another toothy on the hook.

Amanda K. Benson

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